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The Battle Of Metru Nui
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting 2005 Playsets
Release Date 2005

The Battle Of Metru Nui[Videos] was a half CGI-animated, half set-based animation released in 2005 to promote the 2005 Playsets. It focuses mainly on the Battle of Metru Nui playset, but images of the others appear as well. As of 2008, it continues to be available to be viewed at the Story Archive section of BIONICLE.com, but has been deleted as of 2009.


The animation opens with a camera zoom through the Tower of Toa playset, past the Visorak Battle Ram playset and towards the Battle of Metru Nui playset gate, where the Toa Hordika Vakama minifigure is standing. The narrator explains that at the gates of Metru Nui, the evil Visorak army is preparing to attack the Toa Stronghold. An animated version of Vakama holding a combat staff spins to face the oncoming hordes of Visorak spiders. As the narrator gives directions to load arms and sets traps, the various set functions of the Battle of Metru Nui playset are presented. Another animated clip shows a giant Kahgarak thundering towards the Coliseum. While the Visorak attack, the Toa fight back, as the set Kahgarak launches a Visorak minifigure at one of the molten boulders and it is launched back onto the battlefield. Also, one of the hidden spears is launched at a Visorak minifigure, knocking it out of the way, while the Rhotuka spinners of the Kahgarak and the Hau gateway are launched and strike each other in mid-air. The jumping set function of the Visorak minifigures is shown as the clip transitions to animation and the two Visorak leap at the fortress. One is destroyed by a flying molten boulder, the other swatted out of its flight path by Vakama's Combat Staff who has leaped from a nearby tower. As Vakama lands in front of the assembled Toa Hordika, the narrator states that it is up the toy owner to decide who will lose and who will win the Battle of Metru Nui. The animation ends with an image of the 2005 playsets and the narrator stating it is their World Premiere.


  • This is the only source other than the playsets themselves that shows the Toa Hordika using their Combat Staffs.
  • The animated Visorak are depicted as being colored the same way as their minifigure counterparts.