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"Ah, it was a time of sharing, of remembering, building, adventuring, dreaming ... but above all, it was the time of my kind, the time of mask makers ... those for whom the art of creating great Kanohi Masks from Kanoka Disks was all that we lived for."
Turaga Vakama, Legends of Metru Nui

Mask Maker
Matoran Occupation
Purpose To create Kanohi
Location Metru Nui, Artakha

A Mask Maker is a Matoran occupation, primarily held by Ta-Matoran of Metru Nui. Their duty is to create Kanohi, often from Kanoka.


Vakama's workstation, with masks in progress and a small melting unit
A Fire Drone assisting Vakama

Mask Makers use special tools, such as Firestaffs, to mold the Kanoka into the appropriate shape of a Kanohi. It is common practice for a mask maker to keep a record of their achievements in the form of a decorative plaque which displays both the disk of origin and the finished mask. These crafters also use large worktables during the crafting of a Kanoka into a Kanohi. The more powerful the disk, the more powerful the resulting mask is.[1] The most well-known example of this was when Vakama merged the incredibly powerful Great Disks together and crafted the Kanohi Vahi, Mask of Time, one of the three most powerful masks in existence.

Fire Drones

Mask Makers were typically assisted by Fire Drones, robotic helpers that cleaned the Matoran's workstation and disposed of broken or inferior quality creations.[2] They were hunted and eaten by Vahki Hunters on Metru Nui.[3]

Vakama had a personal Fire Drone as a Matoran,[4] but he later abandoned it when he became a Toa. [citation needed]

Known Mask Makers