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"We are all dying here, Toa. I simply intend to make sure that I die last."
— The Karzahni to Toa Metru Vakama, Maze of Shadows

Powers Regeneration
Curing the poison of the Rahi Nui
Status Deceased
Pronunciation KARR-zah-NEE

The Karzahni was a prototype of the Morbuzakh created by Makuta Teridax to wreak destruction on Metru Nui, but was abandoned by its creator because it was too willful.


The Karzahni was created by Makuta Teridax a short time before his attempted takeover of Metru Nui. Teridax named it after Karzahni, as he wanted his creation be known by the name of one of the most feared and hated beings in Matoran mythology. Teridax planned to have the Karzahni cut off the Matoran from the coast of Metru Nui, so that they could not escape to other lands when he took over. However, the Karzahni soon grew too intelligent for Teridax's purposes; it was not content to be part of Teridax's plan, and had greater aspirations and desires to rule. The plant also had too few weaknesses for Teridax to exploit, so he abandoned the Karzahni, and later created the Morbuzakh, which was more obedient, less powerful, and somewhat less intelligent and ambitious. As with his other experiments, Teridax created the Karzahni with a limited life span. As a result, Karzahni despised Teridax, and looked for any opportunity to kill him.[1]

Karzahni in Maze of Shadows

At some point, a member of the Order of Mata Nui came too close to the Karzahni's tunnels. The plant trapped him, tortured him, and, when the member had told the Karzahni everything he knew, killed him.[2] When, a while later, the six Toa Metru entered the labyrinth underneath Mata Nui, the Karzahni watched their fight with the Rahi Nui and Nokama being wounded by it. It later captured them as they were going down a tunnel, also capturing the serpent that was following them. It proposed a deal: they would retrieve some Energized Protodermis from Mangaia, and it would give Nokama a cure for the Rahi Nui's poison. It claimed that, with the substance, it would become powerful, and be able to defeat Teridax. It gave Nokama a temporary cure for the poison and allowed the Toa to go free. When they returned, Nuju surmised that the Karzahni did not want the Protodermis to become powerful, it wanted it so that it could beat the expiration date that Teridax had created it with. The Karzahni admitted this and took the Energized Protodermis in exchange for a permanent cure for Nokama. It used the substance, but as it was not destined to change, it was instead destroyed. As it died, it told the Toa Metru that they must kill Teridax.[1]

Later, when the Toa built the Lhikan II, they gave it buoyancy using logs sliced from the Karzahni's main root. A single shoot emerged from the logs, and the Protodermis of the Silver Sea revived the shoot.[3] When the Lhikan II crashed on the coast of Metru Nui, the shoot took root and grew into a new Karzahni plant, complete with the personality and memories of the old one. It briefly and grudgingly aided Teridax by appearing as the Morbuzakh in an illusion in which he had trapped Vakama to make the illusion seem more real. It then caught Vakama and saved him from his fall when his launcher was destroyed by the Shadowed One, and told Vakama of Mata Nui's conspiracy against Teridax to make him choose Vakama and the rest of his team as Toa. It was then truly killed when Teridax encased its main root in a shell of Shadow.[2]

Abilities and Traits

The Karzahni was similar in composition to the Morbuzakh, except that instead of vines, it consisted mainly of a form of moss. The Karzahni was physically much stronger than the Morbuzakh; it did not feed off of fire and so had no weakness against cold or ice, still being able to move and function even when frozen. The Karzahni had the ability to cure the Rahi Nui's poison.[1]


"Karzahni. [...] You know the name. Of course you do. It amused my creator to give me the name of a being so hated and feared by Matoran past... as if somehow that power to evoke dread would then live on in me."
— The Karzahni to the Toa Metru, Maze of Shadows

"Come to me, come and learn why I hate you beyond all other beings, save one. Come and learn how you have wronged me, and how you shall pay."
— The Karzahni to the Toa Metru, Maze of Shadows

"He made me too well. I am too powerful and too wise. I would not have been content to drive the inhabitants from the outskirts of the city, or even to rule Metru Nui. I would have brought down the places of the Matoran, all of them, and ended their reign! I did not want their obedience or their loyalty, as Makuta did - only their destruction."
— The Karzahni, Maze of Shadows


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