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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Timeline/The Mask of Light

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One Year and Three Months Ago

The Kanohi Avohkii, the Great Mask of Light
  • Takua goes to an underground lava flow and Jaller runs after him.
  • Takua spots a carved stone on the other side of the cave.
  • He hops across some stepping stones above the lava and picks it up.
  • Jaller tells him they will be late for the Kolhii Tournament, and Takua hurries back toward the stepping stones.
  • He trips and the carved stone falls into the lava.
  • The stone breaks apart, revealing the Kanohi Avohkii.
  • Takua picks up the mask and is about to continue back to Jaller and Pewku, when a wave of lava comes.
  • The lava destroys both sides of the walkway, leaving Takua stranded.
  • Takua tries to get across on his lavaboard. He was too slow leaving him in the middle of the lava river.
  • Tahu Nuva rescues him and sets him down safely at the lava flow entrance.
  • Jaller puts the Avohkii in his backpack and both the Matoran reach the Kolhii field.
  • The Kolhii Tournament is in a newly built Kolhii field located at Ta-Koro. Turaga Vakama holds a speech as Gali, Tahu and Pohatu arrive at the field.
  • During Ta-Koro's match, Takua tries his special move but sends the ball flying.
  • As Takua puts his mask back on, Hahli scores and Ga-Koro wins the match.
  • The Mask of Light falls from Jaller's backpack against Takua's foot and accidentally shines upon Jaller
  • Vakama and the Matoran hail Jaller as Herald, a mistake. Gali Nuva meditates at Kini-Nui.
  • Teridax hears of the discovery of the Avohkii.
  • Hoping to kill the Herald and take the mask to stop the coming of the Seventh Toa, he releases the Rahkshi Lerahk, Panrahk and Guurahk.
  • The Turaga give Jaller and Takua the task of finding the seventh Toa, who will wear the Avohkii.
  • Takua and Jaller leave for their quest on Pewku the Ussal Crab.
  • Two Ta-Matoran set off to find the legendary Great Refuge.
  • With Takua and Jaller gone, Hahli finds Charms of Duty, and Strength.
  • Hahli returns to Ga-Koro with news of the Seventh Toa, and uses Nixie's Toa formula with seven instead of six, giving her the coordinates G6.
  • Pelagia takes Hahli there in Naho Bay and Hahli finds the Temple of Purity and its Crystal, unlocking it with the Charms.
  • The Temple of Prosperity and its Crystal is found at the bottom of the flooded Great Mine.
  • Peace's Crystal is found in the Temple of Peace in the Ko-Wahi Drifts.
  • Hahli discovers the Temple of Faith in Le-Wahi and the Crystal of Faith.
  • The Temple of Creation is unlocked by Hahli, revealing its Crystal.
  • Missing only Ta-Wahi's Crystal, Hahli returns to Ta-Koro.
  • Gali "meets" the deadly Rahkshi and swims to warn Ta-Koro.
  • The Matoran searching for the Great Refuge witness the Rahkshi's arrival at Kini-Nui
  • The three Rahkshi fight Tahu Nuva and Gali Nuva, and destroy most of Ta-Koro searching, but leave when the mask is not discovered.
  • Tahu Nuva is left with a poisonous cut from Lerahk and Vakama realizes the Rahkshi are after the Mask of Light.
  • After getting scared off by Lehrak, Hahli flees Ta-Koro and finds the Temple of Courage and the final Charm of Courage.
  • Hahli enters and secures the sixth and final Crystal of Courage.
  • Takua and Jaller are attacked by Graalok the ash bear, but are saved by Lewa Nuva.
  • He summons a Gukko bird and leads the two Matoran to Ko-Wahi then leaves to join Tahu and Gali hearing of Ta-Koro's destruction.
  • After walking around in Ko-Wahi and getting a big scare from some frozen Kohrak, Kopaka Nuva finds the Matoran.
  • They follow him to Ko-Koro, where he sees that the Rahkshi have already been there.
  • The Rahkshi attack the Toa Nuva and Matoran, and Kopaka Nuva manages to defeat them temporarily by freezing them in a pond.
  • The three Rahkshi escape the ice.
Takua, Pewku, and Jaller as they begin their adventure
  • Tahu and Gali attack the three Rahkshi, to stop them from getting to Po-Koro.
  • Lewa shows up to help Tahu and Gali, but all three are buried under an avalanche of poisoned rock.
  • The Rahkshi continue towards Po-Koro.
  • Takua and Jaller are traveling to Onu-Koro when Takua gets separated and is faced by Teridax, who demands that he hand over the Mask of Light or watch as Jaller and his fellow villagers are killed.
  • Takua refuses and then leaves Jaller alone with the mask, taking Pewku with him.
  • Hahli finds a carving of The Legend of Mata Nui near the Great Telescope on the Ta-Wahi Beach, and inserts the Crystals and is teleported.
  • Teridax summons three new Rahkshi: Turahk, Vorahk, and Kurahk and tells them to capture the mask.
  • Hahli arrives at the Kini-Nui to see the three newly released Rahkshi fly overhead.
  • Onua Nuva and Pohatu Nuva are shown by Turaga Whenua a cave where Kraata were imprisoned by him and his brothers. Guurahk, Lerahk and Panrahk arrive and cause a cave in, freeing the Kraata.
  • Kopaka is attacked by all six Rahkshi and manages to freeze Turahk and Lerahk. Vorahk almost defeats him.
  • Lewa, Gali and Tahu arrive and rescue him. Onua and Pohatu run out of the Kraata cave and Kopaka and Tahu seal it, trapping the Kraata. The Rahkshi escape.
  • Takua arrives in Onu-Koro, where Onua and Pohatu are telling the Onu-Matoran about the Avohkii's discovery.
  • The Matoran searching for the Great Refuge encounter Teridax telling them to turn back, and then Tahu who tells them of Ta-Koro's destruction.
  • Soon after, Turahk, Vorahk, and Kurahk invade Onu-Koro.
  • Onua Nuva and Pohatu Nuva try to stop them as Takua flees with the other Matoran, but the Toa of Earth is defeated by Vorahk and Pohatu by Turahk.
  • Tahu, Lewa and Gali soon arrive and help out in the battle.
  • Takua, ashamed, realizes that he is doing the wrong thing and returns to help fight.
  • Tahu Nuva is hit by Kurahk’s anger energy.
  • Lewa saves Takua from the Rahkshi and tells him to warn Jaller, then returns to the scene of the fight.
  • Combined with the poison that has spread across his body, the power causes Tahu Nuva to turn and attack Gali Nuva and Lewa Nuva.
  • They battle until Kopaka freezes Tahu from behind.
  • Takua flees up a chimney but the Rahkshi pursue. However Onua and Pohatu manage to stop them temporarily.
  • The Toa then flee Onu-Koro, the cavern collapsing after a particularly powerful attack by Onua Nuva against the Rahkshi.
  • Tahu Nuva is cured.
  • Takua and Pewku find Jaller climbing the Mangai, and together they continue searching for the Toa of Light.
  • Kopaka, Lewa, and Tahu encounter a part of Le-Wahi devastated by some unknown power. They find two Matoran whose masks had been infected. After trapping the Matoran in an ice wall for the moment, the Toa find a Shadow Kraata, which had infected the Matoran but they realize some other enemy felled the trees.
  • They give chase, and find both Rahkshi Kaita - Za and Vo. A fight ensues, and the Toa Nuva eventually defeat the Rahkshi Kaita temporarily, though Lewa is nearly lost because they underestimated the enemy's power.
  • The Ta-Matoran go to Kini-Nui in hopes the tunnel to the Great Refuge will be there. They descend into Mangaia.
  • Meanwhile, Jaller and Takua reach the Kini-Nui temple, but the Rahkshi attack.
  • Tahu, Gali and Lewa arrive to save the Matoran, and Kopaka, Onua and Pohatu emerge too.
  • Tahu and Lewa defeat Guurahk, Panrahk and Lerahk.
  • Gali is cornered by the other three Rahkshi while leading the Matoran to safety.
  • The Toa defeat Vorahk and Kurahk.
  • Jaller sacrifices himself to Turahk trying to save Takua. Realizing who was destined to wear the mask, Takua places the Mask of Light on his own face, becoming Takanuva. Takanuva then defeats the Turahk.
  • A burial mound is erected for Jaller, and the Ussanui vehicle is constructed. Hahli places Jaller's mask on the vehicle to represent his loss.
Takutanuva lifting the door of Mangaia
  • Takanuva goes to Mangaia while Hahli stows away. Takanuva crashes the Ussanui into Mangaia's wall, and Hahli flies out. Takanuva tells her to gather the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran to come witness Teridax's defeat.
  • Before Teridax can deal with the Ta-Matoran, Takanuva crashes the Ussanui. The Matoran are told to flee to Mangaia, and do. They agree Teridax stands no chance
  • Teridax challenges Takanuva to a Kolhii match, and uses his special move to defeat him. Hahli then appears with the Toa, Turaga, etc., but then Teridax rises again and traps them inside his lair. Then Takanuva jumps on him, removes his mask, and they both fall in an Energized Protodermis pool. Takanuva then merges with Teridax and becomes Takutanuva. The entity then lifts the doorway to Metru Nui.
  • As Hahli leaves, Takutanuva uses some of Teridax's life force to revive Jaller, leaving himself weak, and letting the gate crash on him. Takanuva survives, but Teridax is presumed dead by the rest of the Matoran Universe.
  • Construction of Boats to travel to Metru Nui begins.
  • Nokama proclaims Hahli Chronicler now that Takua is a Toa.
  • Turaga Vakama shares a secret that has been kept in his and the other Turaga's minds for over a thousand years. The Turaga tell tales of Metru Nui, and the Toa Metru to the Toa Nuva, Takanuva, and the Matoran.
  • The Matoran return to Metru Nui. Reconstruction of Metru Nui begins.
  • The Piraka defect from the Dark Hunters and head to Mangaia. Vezon is accidentally created, and Teridax plants information of the Ignika in the Piraka's heads. They are soon chased out of Mangaia onto Mata Nui by the Mana Ko, then steal the Toa Mata's Canisters and travel to Voya Nui.