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"As soon as the mask was on his face, Tahu could feel himself floating gently in the air, held aloft by the power of levitation."
— Narrator, Tales of the Masks

Miru Nuva
Miru Nuva Lewa.png
Title Kanohi Nuva of Levitation
Powers Enhanced levitation
Component disks None
Bearers The Toa Nuva
Pronunciation MEAR-roo NOO-vah

The Miru Nuva is the Kanohi Nuva Mask of Levitation, formed when a destined Kanohi Miru is dipped in Energized Protodermis. It allows its user and those nearby to float and glide on air.[C8, p. 19] When combined with the power of a Kakama Nuva, the mask allows the user(s) to levitate upwards at high speeds. The only beings able to use this mask are Toa Nuva.

Example Usage

A Miru Nuva in action

Tahu used his Kanohi Miru Nuva to levitate Gali, Kopaka, and himself down to a safe landing after the ground fell out from under them in Tales of the Masks.


  • Toa Nuva Tahu - Former secondary mask; destroyed during the sinking of Ta-Koro
  • Toa Nuva Gali - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Lewa - Primary mask
  • Toa Nuva Pohatu - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Onua - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Kopaka - Secondary mask


Picture Description
Miru Nuva Lewa.png A normal Miru Nuva
Aerial Kanohi Miru Nuva Small.PNG A Miru Nuva, adjusted for an aerial environment via the Adaptive Armor.
Axalara T9-Adapted Kanohi Miru Nuva.PNG A Miru Nuva, adjusted for the Axalara T9 via the Adaptive Armor.
The visor now includes a targeting heads-up display.
A Miru Nuva in a Burger King promotion


  • The Kanohi Miru Nuva was part of the BIONICLE Burger King promotion in 2003.

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