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"Then there was a peal of sound, like great bells blended with laughter. Onua gasped in amazement as a new mask suddenly appeared on the face of each stone carving — a golden Kanohi, glowing with light and power."
— Narrator, Tale of the Toa

Golden Kanohi
Golden Kanohi.png
Title Golden Kanohi
Powers Shielding
Water Breathing
X-Ray Vision
Component disks None
Bearers The Toa Mata (formerly)
Pronunciation kah-NO-hee

The Toa Mata speeding to Ta-Koro via their Golden Kanohi
Tahu recovering a Golden Kanohi from Kini-Nui

The Golden Kanohi were powerful and mysterious Kanohi that contained the powers of six Great Masks: the Hau, Kakama, Kaukau, Pakari, Miru, and Akaku.


The Golden Kanohi were forged by Artakha.[1]

The Kanohi were bestowed upon the Toa Mata after they collected the six aforementioned masks, brought them to the Kini-Nui, and placed them onto life-size carvings of themselves. Utilizing the power of these masks, along with their own elemental strength, the Toa were able to defeat Makuta Teridax. The Toa continued to use these masks during the Bohrok Invasion, utilizing their various powers to help recover Krana. After confronting and defeating the Bahrag, the Toa Mata fell into tubes of Energized Protodermis, where they were transformed into Toa Nuva, and their Golden Kanohi transformed into Kanohi Nuva.

Example Usage

The Toa Mata used their Golden Kanohi to speed to Ta-Koro from the Kini-Nui in The Bohrok Awake.


Set information

Golden Kanohi were released in 2002 Kanohi & Krana packs, which contained one gold Kanohi, one silver Kanohi and three Krana.


  • A scene in the Mata Nui Online Game depicts Lewa placing all six of his Kanohi on his Suva, and emerging with the golden mask; another scene depicts the Toa Mata's Kanohi simply transforming into the golden masks when they arrive at the Kini-Nui. However, the scene at Kini-Nui is also described in the book, and is considered canon. In fact, the six original Kanohi gathered by each of the Toa Mata were teleported to Artakha when the Toa placed them on the statues of themselves.[1]


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