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"The Principle we live by in Po-Koro teaches us Strategy. It is why we are so good at Kolhii, and why our sculptures are made so well."
Golyo, The Final Chronicle

Strategy Charm.png
Kolhii Skill of Po-Koro
Effect Opens door in Temple of Creation
Riddle "The Map to Victory"

Strategy is a Kolhii Skill that can be derived from the Principle of Creation. It allows Kolhii players to think ahead and plot strategies to use against opposing teams.

Hahli training in Strategy


Golyo believed that herding Mahi was a good way to practice strategy. The Charm of Strategy was recovered by Hahli in Golyo's hut, and was used in conjunction with the Charms of Unity, Destiny, and Creation to obtain the Crystal of Creation from the Temple of Creation.



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