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"Since you're so interested in Purity, take this stone. It bears the symbol of Purity. I found it once, a long time ago, while cutting wood near the falls. Maybe it can help you, somehow."
Marka to Hahli, Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle

Function Gain access to Temples of the Principles
Status Unknown
Location Mata Nui

Charms are small, circular stones that represent different Principles and kolhii skills, and the three virtues.

During the kolhii tournament, the Ga-Matoran Hahli used them to access secret areas containing Crystals, also known as the Temples of the Principles, to later be used in unlocking the mystery of the Stones.


Charms of Ta-Koro to be used at the Ta-Koro Ruins:

Charms of Ga-Koro to be used at the Lost Reef:

Charms of Le-Koro to be used at the Le-Koro Ruins:

Charms of Po-Koro to be used at the Po-Koro Ruins:

Charms of Onu-Koro to be used at the Secret Cave:

Charms of Ko-Koro to be used at the Ko-Koro Ruins:



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