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"I am charting changes in the skies. Many important things are happening around Mata Nui, and many more will happen. I use the telescope on the cliff. It tells what will happen, and when."
Nixie, Mata Nui Online Game

Great Telescope
Manufacturer Great Beings[1]
Users Nixie
Function Track the Red Star
Status Retracted
Location Ta-Wahi

The Great Telescope[2] is a device which tracks the movement of the Red Star.


A prohecy detailing the Coming of the Toa

The Great Telescope was deployed by Mata Nui, being Mata Nui's camouflage system whenever he lands, with its purpose being to track the Red Star. When Mata Nui fell asleep and crashed into Aqua Magna, and formed the island of Mata Nui due to a malfunction, the Telescope was deployed during the process over the Ta-Wahi Beach.

Ga-Matoran Astrologer Nixie used the telescope to prophesy about the future, it was later examined by Takua during the brief period of time he had amnesia.

It was later used by Toa Nuva Gali after the island was cleansed by Bohrok, she combined it with the power of an Akaku Nuva in order to see directly inside the Red Star.

Unlike most of the island, the Great Telescope was not cleansed by the Bohrok, as it was a pre-existing part of Mata Nui. When Mata Nui awoke from his slumber, destroying the island of Mata Nui along the way, the Telescope was able to retract back into Mata Nui's face.


Around the telescope's base are several pictures. These pictures represent constellations found in the night sky, and markings that show prophecies. Each picture features a red star. This is the Red Star sometimes found in the sky. When the Red Star is lined up correctly, it will look like one of the pictures on the base of the telescope. When this happens, one of the prophecies is about to come true.


  • Each of the prophecies carved into the Telescope's base was accompanied by a set of Matoran numbers; these were intended to represent the dates of future updates to the game.
  • The true nature of Mata Nui himself is foreshadowed in two of the Telescope's prophecies: one depicts the Great Spirit Robot, while the other is a closeup of its face.


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