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"If I am at peace, I can know Mata Nui's Will. The Will is the greatest power you can master. To possess great Willpower is to be always aware."
Kantai, The Final Chronicle

Willpower Charm.png
Kolhii Skill of Ko-Koro
Effect Opens door in Temple of Peace
Riddle "Inner Strength"

Willpower is a Kolhii Skill that can be derived from the Principle of Peace. It allows Kolhii players to improve their focus and gain more control during play.

Hahli training in Willpower


The Ko-Matoran Hermit Kantai was well-versed in this discipline and taught Hahli this skill by having her balance on an Ice Pole.

The Charm of Willpower was recovered by Hahli in the Drifts, and was used in conjunction with the Charms of Destiny and Peace to obtain the Crystal of Peace at the Temple of Peace.



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