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"As the Matoran mend their villages and homes with the help of these unlikely new allies, volunteers are collecting the remaining krana, hiding them away where they can do no more harm."
Takua, Wall of History

Krana Pit
Status Destroyed
Position Ga-Wahi
Pronunciation KRAH-nah[1]

The Krana Pit was a deep well in Ga-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui.


Takua, Nuparu and Jaller dumping the last of the krana into a Pit

After defeating a swarm of Pahrak in the Attack on Ga-Koro, Takua, Jaller and Nuparu dumped the krana of the incapacitated Bohrok into a deep pit on a beach in Ga-Wahi. The Matoran of Mata Nui gathered most of the krana that they collected from inactive Bohrok across the island and placed them in this pit.[1][2] It was then sealed and marked with a tablet depicting a krana and the word "Beware".[3][4]

Within the pit, the krana likely entered a suspended state to await their rescue.[1] When the Toa Nuva reawakened the Bohrok to cleanse Mata Nui, the swarms most likely retrieved the krana from the pit.[5]


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