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"Courage is the soul of movement. You must have courage or you will be frozen. Fear stops all. Courage defeats Fear."
Kapura, The Final Chronicle

Principle of Ta-Koro
Effect Opens door in Ta-Koro Ruins
Riddle "Confronts Fear"

Courage was the Principle of Ta-Koro, derived from the Virtue of Duty. To be courageous is to place your responsibility and the safety of others above your own safety. It grants the skill of Strength, and its enemy is Fear.

The Temple of Courage


The Charm of Courage was recovered by Hahli in Jaller's office after the Championship match of the Kolhii Tournament and was used in conjunction with the Charms of Duty and Strength to obtain the Crystal of Courage in the Ta-Koro Ruins. The riddle to unlock its door was Confronts Fear.




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