Le-Koro Ruins

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Le-Koro Ruins
Status Destroyed
Position Above Matau's hut (Le-Wahi)

The Le-Koro Ruins[note 1] was a secret area above Turaga Matau's hut which contained the Crystal of Faith.


Hahli retrieving the Crystal of Faith

During the Kolhii Tournament, Hahli completed the temple's tests and retrieved the Crystal of Faith.

The temple was later destroyed by the reawakened Bohrok swarms.


The temple itself was accessible by a vine that hung from the right side of the ceiling of Matau's hut. However, to gain access to the temple, one was required to first gather the Charms of Faith, Unity, Duty, and Accuracy, and place them in key slots on special branch-like contraptions (located up the vine that hung from the left side of the ceiling of Matau's hut). These contraptions had riddles alluding to the aforementioned Principle, Virtues, and Kolhii Skill. These riddles were:

  • In Darkness, Light (Faith)
  • Strength of Numbers (Unity)
  • Word of Honor (Duty)
  • Faith Grants This (Accuracy)

Once the Charms had been used properly, another vine hanging from the right side of the ceiling of Matau's hut appeared, and upon climbing it, the Crystal of Faith appeared on the dais.



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  1. Though the location is not given a name within the Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle, it is referred to as the "Le-Koro Ruins" in the game file structure.