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This article is about the kolhii skill. You may be looking for the Kanohi.

"Ga-Matoran are famous for their speed! When the water is pure, you can go very fast in the open sea. From Purity comes Speed."
Kai, The Final Chronicle

Kolhii skill of Ga-Koro
Effect Opens door in Lost Reef
Riddle "From Clear Waters Granted"

Hahli training in Speed

Speed is a kolhii skill that can be derived from the Principle of Purity. It allows kolhii players to move faster on the field and evade their opponents more easily.


Kai the sailor helped Hahli train and improve this skill by divulging the location of the Takea Shark, and revealing that it will teach Speed to those who are able to catch it.

The Charm of Speed was offered to Hahli by Kai, and was used in conjunction with the Charms of Unity and Purity to obtain the Crystal of Purity from the Lost Reef.



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