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"There, it stood locked into place, a prisoner of its own electrical forces, which swirled in the air around it and formed a constant shimmer of concentrated lightning."
— Narrator, Makuta's Revenge


The Electric Shields in use
Elemental Power
Matoran prefix Vo-
Associated colors Primary: Blue
Secondary: White

Lightning, sometimes called Electricity, is an Elemental Power.[1][2]

Species Wielders

Matoran Universe

In the Matoran Universe, Lightning is often represented by the Matoran prefix Vo-,[3] as well as the colors blue and white.[4][5]


  • Vo-Matoran represent the Element of Lightning. They contain a minuscule amount of Elemental Lightning Energy, to the extent that they have great resistance to electric shocks.[6] All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Lightning are female.
  • Toa of Lightning have the Elemental Power of Lightning, allowing them to create, control, and absorb lightning. Their only real limitation is that when they run out of Elemental Lightning Energy, they must wait for it to recharge.
  • Turaga of Lightning have small traces of Elemental Lightning powers.





  • Skakdi of Lightning can only access their power if they work with another Skakdi, or if they carry a weapon that allows them to focus their Lightning power individually.


  • Creating electricity
    • Creating a defensive shield of electricity[7]
    • Shocking/paralyzing an opponent with electricity
    • Electrically charging an object or being[8]
    • Generating images made out of electricity[8]
    • Generating chain lightning that can leap between multiple targets[9][10][11][12]
  • Controlling electricity
    • Using electric currents to cause objects to explode[13][14]
  • Absorbing electricity
  • Unleashing a Lightning Nova Blast (Toa exclusive)
    • Striking everything in the affected area with lightning[15]
Kalama trapped in an Electrical field


  • As long as each of them wields a different Element, providing that Light and Shadow are not included at the same time, any six Toa can create a Protodermis cage.[16] Beings other than Toa and the Krahka cannot combine powers of any sort to create a Protodermis cage.


All of the following beings have/had the Element of Lightning and/or its sub-powers:

  • All Avohkah (formerly; now destroyed)
  • Axonn[17]
  • Ehlek - Electric shocks; gained after his exposure to the Pit Mutagen (formerly; now cured)
  • Some of the First Rahi - Electric shocks
  • The Hordika Dragons - Electric shocks; gained after their exposure to Hordika Venom
  • All Kraahu - Electric shocks
  • All Electric Bugs - Electric shocks
  • All Makuta - Electricity and chain lightning
  • The Red Serpent - Electric shocks (formerly; now deceased)
  • All Skakdi of Lightning - Only in conjunction with other Skakdi, or through certain weapons
  • All Suukorak - Creation of electrical cages through their Rhotuka spinners
  • Tahnok-Kal (Formerly; now deactivated)
  • The Toa Inika - Lightning combined with their other Elemental Powers and used in conjunction (formerly; now transformed into the Toa Mahri)
  • All Toa of Lightning
  • All Turaga of Lightning - Diminished after their transformation from Toa
  • All Vo-Matoran - Inaccessible; manifests as a resistance to electrical shocks

All of the following objects have/had the Element of Lightning and/or its sub-powers:


Tahnok-Kal being electrocuted by its own powers
  • The prefix "Vo-" was derived from the term "Volt," a unit used for measuring electric potential difference. The unit was named after Alessandro Volta, credited as creator of the first electrochemical cell.[18]
  • During the Toa Building Challenge, Greg Farshtey received many entries that were Toa of Lightning.[19]


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