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This article is about the Kolhii Skill. You may be looking for the Kanohi.

"In the game that comes you must beware our keenshot skill! Here in Le-Koro our principle grants us great Accuracy."
Tamaru, The Final Chronicle

Accuracy Charm.png
Kolhii Skill of Le-Koro
Effect Opens door in Temple of Faith
Riddle "Faith Grants This"

Accuracy is a Kolhii Skill that can be derived from the Principle of Faith. It allows Kolhii players to aim their shots perfectly and ensure that they hit their intended targets.

Hahli training in Accuracy


Tamaru, keeper of the Le-Koro Disk Range, helped Matoran train and improve this skill with the help of flying robotic contraptions resembling Nui-Rama to be struck by a Disk.

The Charm of Accuracy was recovered by Hahli at the Le-Koro Disk Range, and was used in conjunction with the Charms of Unity, Duty, and Faith to obtain the Crystal of Faith from the Temple of Faith.



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