Le-Koro Highway

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Le-Koro Highway
Status Destroyed
Position Le-Wahi and Onu-Wahi
Pronunciation LAY-KOAR-oh[1]

The Le-Koro Highway being completed

The Le-Koro Highway was a tunnel to Le-Wahi from Onu-Koro.


Towards the end of the Great War, the Onu-Matoran began digging a tunnel connecting Onu-Koro to Le-Koro for safer passage between the villages. During the construction work, however, the Lightstone mine was blocked. The workers therefore went on strike, as they could not dig properly in torch light, for fear of falling ill or Kofo-Jaga attacks. Taipu was the only one who continued digging. When Takua reopened the Lightstone mine, the workers roused themselves and broke through. It was later cleared by the reawakened Bohrok swarms.



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