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"Purity is what we strive for in Ga-Koro. It's our job to keep the waters Pure. If your mind is Pure you can have Visions, like Turaga Nokama and Toa Gali. And most of all, Purity grants Ga-Matorans great Speed!"
Marka, The Final Chronicle

Purity Charm.png
Principle of Ga-Koro
Effect Opens door in Temple of Purity
Riddle "From Unity Derived"

Purity was the Principle of Ga-Koro, derived from the Virtue of Unity. To be pure was to free your thoughts of corruption. It granted the Kolhii Skill of Speed, and its enemy was Poison.

The Temple of Purity


The Charm of Purity was offered to Hahli by Marka, and was used in conjunction with the Charms of Unity and Speed to obtain the Crystal of Purity from the Temple of Purity.



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