Lost Reef

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"Unless the Formula is wrong... something is out there, I tell you! Something is under the sea!"
Nixie, The Final Chronicle

Lost Reef
Status Destroyed
Position Ga-Wahi

The Lost Reef[note 1] was an underwater temple under Naho Bay which contained the Crystal of Purity.


Hahli retrieving the Crystal of Purity

Pelagia's sea chart included the location of the Lost Reef, marked G6.

During the Kolhii Tournament, Hahli completed the temple's tests and retrieved the Crystal of Purity.

The Lost Reef was later destroyed by the reawakened Bohrok swarms.


To gain access to the temple, one was required to first gather the Charms of Purity, Unity, and Speed and place them in key slots to doors with riddles alluding to that Principle, Virtue, and Kolhii Skill. These riddles were:

  • All Are One... Or None (Unity)
  • From Unity Derived (Purity)
  • From Clear Waters Granted (Speed)

Having bypassed the doors, one was then required to purify the water from the four Matoran-head fountains, using a contraption with faucet wheels located in a control room to the right of the main area. Once all of the fountains began releasing pure water, the Crystal of Purity appeared on the dais.



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  1. Though the location is not given a name within the Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle, it is referred to as the "Lost Reef" in the game file structure.