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Rahkshi Kaita Vo

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Rahkshi Kaita Vo
Comic Rahkshi Kaita Vo.png
Rahkshi Kaita
Formed by Vorahk
Powers Absorption
Energy blasts
Tools Staff of Absorption
Pronunciation RAHK-shee KIGH-ee-TAH VO

Rahkshi Kaita Vo is a fusion of the Rahkshi Vorahk, Panrahk and Guurahk. Its appearance is that of a four-legged creature with a short Rahkshi rider.


Rahkshi Kaita Vo was formed alongside Rahkshi Kaita Za in Le-Wahi, where the two left a trail of destruction. The Toa Nuva Lewa, Kopaka, and Tahu encountered this trail and were delayed in their pursuit of the Rahkshi for a short time in order to defeat a Shadow Kraata and two Matoran whose masks it had infected. Once the Toa Nuva discovered the Rahkshi Kaita, they engaged in a battle where Rahkshi Kaita Za downed Kopaka and Tahu while Lewa was left to fend for himself against Rahkshi Kaita Vo. The monstrous being drained Lewa's strength and was prepared to release the energy as a finishing blow when Kopaka quickly summoned three ice walls, reflecting the attack upon the other Rahkshi Kaita. Lewa's strength still failing, the Toa Nuva prepared to retreat, but Tahu Nuva used his Fire powers to attack Rahkshi Kaita Vo before departing. The six Rahkshi separated back into their individual forms before their next confrontation with the Toa Nuva.

Abilities and Traits

Rahkshi Kaita Vo maintains the Disintegration, Fragmentation, and Hunger powers of its component Rahkshi and adopts a new power: the power to release any energy absorbed from foes with its hunger power in a lethal blast.[citation needed] The rider wields a staff through which it can channel any of these powers. This Rahkshi Kaita takes its name from Kraata Vo, Vorahk's Hunger Kraata, which controls it.

Set Information

The Rahkshi Kaita Vo as a combiner

Rahkshi Kaita Vo can be constructed using the parts of the Rahkshi canister sets Vorahk, Panrahk, and Guurahk. Each component's instruction booklet contained a portion of the Rahkshi Kaita's instructions in the back. Instructions could also be found on Axles on the anterior and posterior sections of the "steed" section allow the legs of the corresponding section to alternately raise or lower. An axle on the back of the "rider" section, meanwhile, causes it to swing its arms and staff. The Kraata is held within a compartment on the rider's back.


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