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"In Le-Koro we live our lives according to the Principle of Faith. Faith is what holds aloft the feet of our leaf-runners! Faith is the wind that lifts our Gukko-riders from the trees! Faith is the hand that guides our discs to their marks! Without Faith, no Le-Matoran could sail the skies, or run across the treetops. From the principle of Faith comes our skill!"
Sanso, The Final Chronicle

Principle of Le-Koro
Effect Opens door in Le-Koro Ruins
Riddle "In Darkness, Light"

Faith was the Principle of Le-Koro. It is derived from the Virtues of Unity and Duty. Faith is trusting your allies, and trusting that all will end well. It grants the Kolhii Skill of Accuracy, and its enemy is Fragmentation.

The Temple of Faith in Le-Wahi


The Charm of Faith was recovered by Hahli in Kongu's hut, and was used in conjunction with the Charms of Unity, Duty, and Accuracy to obtain the Crystal of Faith from the Le-Koro Ruins.



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