McDonald's 1: Challenge of the Rahi

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"Let's get going my friends. Now we have a tale to tell the Toa!"

McDonald's 1: Challenge of the Rahi
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Carlos D'Anda
Release Date September 7th, 2001

"Challenge of the Rahi" was the first promotional comic released through McDonald's, and also the first comic to focus around the Matoran rather than the Toa. The comic also shows the Matoran combine into a Matoran Nui for the first time in the series.

Plot Summary

Lewa and Kopaka are in Le-Wahi sharing their tales with the Matoran. Matoro asks Kopaka if he will come to the Matoran's disk-throwing championship, but he refuses, although Lewa states that he would be happy to attend. When Lewa announces that the Matoran should be heading to the field, he and Kopaka leave. Jaller tells the other Matoran that they have a long and dangerous journey ahead to the field, and he tells Macku to swim ahead and scout the area, while Hewkii should bring up the rear - he complains about this, saying he wanted to practice his throws, although Kongu replies that if they run into a Rahi, then he will have bigger things to worry about.

Meanwhile Macku, while scouting ahead, spots an infected Nui-Jaga, heading towards the Matoran. She rushes back to her friends to warn them; Matoro suggests getting the Toa to help, although Jaller responds that they have the whole island to worry about, and that the Matoran should handle the Nui-Jaga themselves. Even though it is much bigger and stronger, Kongu has a plan. He gathers vines from the treetops and weaves a huge net, while Hewkii breaks down boulders into smaller stones. Kongu announces that they will suspend the net high in the trees, and when the Nui-Jaga comes, one of them will throw a disk and cut the vine, causing the net to drop and trap the Nui-Jaga. When asked who will make the throw, Jaller says that Hewkii will, despite his lack of confidence.

When the Nui-Jaga finally arrives, Hewkii makes the throw and manages to hit the vine holding up the net, trapping the Nui-Jaga. However, the Matoran realize that the net will not hold the Rahi for very long, so they focus their energies and form a Matoran Nui, which throws the trapped Nui-Jaga far away. After splitting apart again, the Matoran congratulate each other on their victory, and Macku notes that the Matoran now have a tale to tell the Toa.


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