BIONICLE 9: Divided We Fall

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"The Turaga have said all along that we are six who share one destiny. Is this how we honor their wisdom? -- By splitting apart?"
Toa Nuva Gali

BIONICLE 9: Divided We Fall
Outside/alternate title Divided We Fall
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Carlos D'Anda

"Divided We Fall" is the ninth issue of the BIONICLE series and the last in "The Bohrok Saga" story arc. It came out with the LEGO Magazine of November/December 2002.

Plot Summary

The Toa Nuva split into two teams and battle each other to test the limits of their new power. Gali attacks Lewa with a water blast, who levitates to safety. Pohatu uses his Kakama Nuva to run in a circle at great speed, creating a cyclone in his wake that traps Lewa. Onua creates a ramp of earth in front of Pohatu, and the Toa of Stone, unable to stop in time, launches himself upwards at high speed and goes over the edge of the ramp, flying off a cliff. Tahu imprisons Kopaka in a cage of Fire. Kopaka taunts Tahu and freezes the flames, breaking through easily, and the two square up again, but Gali calls for an end to the fighting, realizing that the Toa are losing their tempers. Pohatu says that perhaps they are all tense as a result of the many events which took place recently. With stronger powers, the team decides to go their separate ways once more, despite Gali's strong protests.

Meanwhile underground, the Bohrok-Kal plan to find and free the Bahrag. They devise a scheme to render the Toa helpless and unable to interfere.

Tahu goes back to Ta-Koro, only to find that the Matoran there do not recognize him. When he is let in, Vakama explains that while they are not yet used to the changes in the Toa, all the Matoran are honoring the Nuva Symbols of their Toa's power and he places Tahu's symbol in the Suva.

Kopaka returns to Ko-Koro, where the rebuilding of the village is taking place. Nuju places Kopaka's symbol in the Suva, despite the Toa's disparagement of the symbol's importance. Later, Kopaka is on the slopes of Mount Ihu and ponders over the split of the team, troubled.

Matoro is guarding Kopaka's Nuva Symbol when Nuhvok-Kal and Kohrak-Kal appear. Nuhvok-Kal makes Matoro too heavy to stand using his gravity power while Kohrak-Kal seizes the Nuva Symbol. Kopaka's elemental powers disappear, and he falls from an ice bridge as it breaks.


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