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"This time he paused before a Rahkshi that was as black as night. Vorahk — the Hunger-Rahkshi."
— Narrator, Mask of Light

Comic Vorahk.png
Powers Hunger
Tools Staff of Absorption
Status Wild
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation VOH-rahk
Set number 8591

Vorahk are the Rahkshi of Hunger.


Mata Nui

Vorahk using the Staff of Hunger against Kopaka

On Mata Nui, Teridax created several Rahkshi. After creation, he placed the suits into stasis, waiting for the time when they would be needed. After the Toa Nuva's triumph over the Bohrok-Kal, he summoned three Rahkshi to find the Mask of Light, and steal it. However, the Toa Nuva soon defeated these creatures, prompting Teridax to awaken his other three Rahkshi, among whom was a Vorahk.

After Vorahk's creation, he and the other five Rahkshi were tasked with finding the herald of the seventh Toa, in order to stop the Toa from coming into being. During his mission, Vorahk encountered Kopaka who had come to attend what was supposed to be a meeting between the six Toa Nuva. In the battle, Kopaka's energy was drained by the Vorahk, and he was quickly weakened. Tahu, Gali, and Lewa arrived, and saved him. The Rahkshi fought back against the Toa, but when the tide of battle turned, they escaped.

Vorahk's mission took him and two of his comrades to Onu-Koro, where he sensed Takua, the herald, was dwelling. He and his team broke into the village, and began looking for him. Onua and Pohatu were speaking to the Matoran at the time, so they began fighting back against the Rahkshi. Onua jumped forward to fight Vorahk, and had his energy drained. While Takua escaped, the other Toa Nuva arrived, and defeated the Rahkshi, pinning them under boulders.

The Rahkshi soon freed themselves and at some point, Vorahk joined with Guurahk and Panrahk to form a Rahkshi Kaita Vo. It destroyed part of Le-Wahi with the Rahkshi Kaita Za and came across the Toa Nuva Lewa, Tahu and Kopaka. It began to sap Lewa's energy, although Kopaka stopped it by creating numerous mirrors of ice, and Tahu brought rubble down upon it. The Rahkshi Kaita later split into the individual Rahkshi again.

Continuing pursuit of Takua, the Rahkshi united at the Kini-Nui, where the six of them planned to capture Takua and Jaller. As they moved menacingly towards the two Matoran, the six Toa quickly traveled there, and mounted a final defense. Through much effort, the Toa managed to defeat the Rahkshi, and trapped Kurahk and Vorahk in an elemental prison, ending their threat. They were then taken apart and used to form the Ussanui with the other Rahkshi.

Abilities and Traits

Kraata Vo Stage 1.png
stage 1
Kraata Vo Stage 2.png
stage 2
Kraata Vo Stage 3.png
stage 3
Kraata Vo Stage 4.png
stage 4
Kraata Vo Stage 5.png
stage 5
Kraata Vo Stage 6.png
stage 6

Vorahk are the best hunters of all the Rahkshi; no enemy can hide from them. In addition, they are considered to be the best tacticians out of the six types seen on Mata Nui. They are created from Kraata-Vo that are dipped into Energized Protodermis. A second Kraata-Vo is then needed to run the Rahkshi armor that is created.


A Vorahk can absorb a foe's energy with its Staff of Absorption, making itself stronger and leaving its opponent powerless. Only physical strength and energy can be sapped, though, not actual powers.

Set Information

Vorahk as a set

Vorahk was released as a set in the summer of 2003. It contained forty-five pieces, including a rubbery Kraata. It could be combined with the Guurahk and Panrahk sets to form the Rahkshi Kaita Vo. Certain canister sets were packaged with a mini CD that explained the characters of Vorahk and Takanuva.



Vorahk in Mask of Light
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