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This article is about the Toa Tools sometimes called the Power Blades. You may be looking for the Av-Matoran's weapons or Toa Mahri Jaller's sword.

"Frowning, Kopaka split his ice blade in two and attached the ends to his feet. In an instant, he was flying down the mountain on his power iceskates, sparks flying as the protodermis blades sliced through the ice."
— Narrator, Tales of the Masks

Ice Blade
Comic Ice Blade.png
Manufacturer Energized Protodermis
Users Toa Nuva Kopaka
Function Channeling his Ice powers
Using as iceskates
Melee combat
Status Out of use

The Ice Blade was Toa Nuva Kopaka's Toa Tool, along with his Ice Shield. It could be wielded in three ways - as two weapons (one in each hand), as a single weapon in one hand, or as a mode of transportation. Kopaka usually used the Ice Blades in the single-weapon configuration so he could carry his Ice Shield as well. When attached to his feet, Kopaka's Ice Blades became ice skates, which he has used to travel quickly down icy slopes and escape foes. When seperated, they were also known as the Power Blades.[1]

When Kopaka received his Adaptive Armor, his Ice Blade was replaced with the Blizzard Blade.

Example Usage

A single Ice Blade

After the Rahkshi attack on Ko-Koro, Kopaka used his Ice Blades as skates to move down the mountain side, aside Takua and Jaller aboard his Ice Shield, in BIONICLE: Mask of Light. After regaining consciousness following a hit from a Rahkshi power blast, Kopaka used an ice blast from his blades to knock the flying Rahkshi into the river, and then froze it down.

Set Information

The Ice Blades were released in the Kopaka Nuva set of 2002. They could be carried as a single blade, split in two, or worn on his feet, held in place by axles.


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