Three Virtues

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"We were separate, and without purpose, so the Great Spirit illuminated us with the Three Virtues: Unity, Duty, and... Destiny."
Turaga Vakama, Mask of Light

Three Virtues
Aspect of Society
Location Matoran Universe
Purpose Unite Matoran culture
Serve as map of Spherus Magna fragments after the Shattering
Effects Matoran use the virtues to help in their work ethic and daily interactions

The Three Virtues are three ideals, Unity, Duty, and Destiny, that are the pillars upon which the Matoran base their daily life and actions. Given to them by the Great Spirit Mata Nui, who was in turn taught these principles by the Great Beings, Matoran strive to live in accordance to these values, as do the Toa and Turaga.

Other beings within the Matoran Universe are known to adhere to the principles laid down by the Three Virtues, but many species disdain the notion, and reject or ignore them. Only Matoran, as one of the most plentiful species and the chosen race of Mata Nui, have a need to follow the teachings, though the Matoran are more than willing to do so.

The Virtues


The Toa Mata joining together in an act of Unity

The first of the Three Virtues, the virtue of Unity seeks to bond Matoran to one another, and eliminate strife and discord between them. Novice Toa teams often suffer from a lack of Unity, which can lead to animosity between them. Overcoming the differences between them is essential for a Toa team to achieve their goals.

Unity is essential for beings who are attempting to willingly merge their bodies and minds.


The second virtue, Duty is the job which a Matoran has been entrusted to do. Failure to perform their allotted task can be detrimental to the health of the Great Spirit, so Matoran seek to do their job to the best of their abilities, in order to keep their universe functioning.


The third and final virtue, Destiny is the true goal of every being in the Matoran Universe. Preordained by Mata Nui at the time of their creation, a being's Destiny can alter over the course of their life, given drastic enough circumstances. Destiny is the most difficult virtue to interpret, and is often misconstrued, to disastrous consequences. Even if an ultimate destiny is known, the path to the destiny is often unexpected. Though it is possible for a Destiny to not be achieved, the unpredictable nature of it often ensures that it is completed.

After completing their Destiny, Toa are able to sacrifice their Toa Power for the greater good and become Turaga.


The Charms of the Three Virtues

The symbol of the Three Virtues was designed by the Great Beings to represent the Shattering.

They used it on several places on Spherus Magna, such as being the solution to a riddle to gain entrance to the center chamber of the Valley of the Maze.

They also programmed the symbol into the Great Spirit Mata Nui, and it was meant to serve as a reminder about his mission to reunite Bara Magna, Bota Magna, and Aqua Magna. Despite this visual reminder, Mata Nui and the Makuta had forgotten the original significance of the symbol, although it remains a widely-used icon in Matoran culture.

Any time a sufficient number of Blade Burrowers are put together, they begin to dig tunnels that form this symbol.

Cultural Beliefs

Each Koro on Mata Nui had a Principle derived from one or two Virtues, and in turn, a Kolhii Skill derived from each Principle. The Virtues, Principles, and Kolhii Skills were each represented by a charm.


  • The main BIONICLE logo is the symbol of the Three Virtues.