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"Welcome, Lerahk, the Poison-Rahskhi. Your stinger full of deadly poison will sicken anything it contacts."
Makuta Teridax's thoughts, Mask of Light

Lerahk Comic.png
Powers Poison
Tools Staff of Poison
Status Wild
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation LAY-rahk[BEU, p. 75]
Set number 8589

Lerahk are the Rahkshi of Poison.


Mata Nui

Makuta Teridax created six Rahkshi and placed them in large green pillars in his lair, Mangaia. Upon learning that the Avohkii had been discovered, Teridax placed a Kraata in a Lerahk's, Guurahk's, and Panrahk's Rahkshi armor, ordering them to go after Takua and take the Avohkii.

During the Rahkshi's attack on Ta-Koro, the Lerahk encountered Turaga Vakama, who attempted to hold it off until Tahu came to fight the Rahkshi. During its encounter with Tahu, the Lerahk poisoned him, forcing him and Gali back with a wave of poison. Lerahk, Panrahk, and Guurahk, subsequently destroyed the village.

After chasing Takua, the three Rahkshi encountered Tahu, Gali, and Lewa. Lerahk poisoned the cliff face under Tahu's feet, turning it into dust, and began to fight him. Their duel was interrupted by Lewa and Guurahk crashing into them. Lerahk then poisoned the ground around the three Toa, penning them under the cliff before bringing it tumbling down on them.

The three Rahkshi followed Takua to Ko-Wahi, onto a lake, in which they were frozen by Kopaka.

After they broke out of the ice,[MoL, p. 89] the six Rahkshi ambushed Kopaka, who had been waiting for a meeting of the Toa Nuva. Lerahk attacked first, but was frozen before he reached Kopaka. Tahu, Gali and Lewa then arrived to aid Kopaka. The Rahkshi distracted the Toa and left.

During their hunt for Takua, Lerahk combined with Turahk and Kurahk to form a Rahkshi Kaita Za. It and its brother, Rahkshi Kaita Vo, caused destruction in Le-Wahi and confronted Tahu, Kopaka and Lewa. However, they were defeated, and Tahu brought part of the mountainside down on the Kaita. The Rahkshi Kaita Za later split into its individual selves.

Lerahk and the other Rahkshi then tracked Takua to Kini-Nui. During the following battle against the Toa Nuva, Lerahk, along with Panrahk and Guurahk, was imprisoned in glass by Lewa and Tahu Nuva. Its armor was later dismantled to construct the Ussanui.

Abilities and Traits

Kraata Ye
Kraata Ye Stage 1.png
stage 1
Kraata Ye Stage 2.png
stage 2
Kraata Ye Stage 3.png
stage 3
Kraata Ye Stage 4.png
stage 4
Kraata Ye Stage 5.png
stage 5
Kraata Ye Stage 6.png
stage 6

They are created from Kraata-Ye that are dipped into Energized Protodermis. A second Kraata-Ye is then needed to run the Rahkshi armor that is created.

Lerahk are strong, fast, and cunning, but are not the most intelligent of the Rahkshi.


Lerahk use their Staffs of Poison to poison anything, be it plants, Rahi, soil, or any foe it might choose. They are immune to their own poison. They cannot use their staffs at long range, however; they must actually touch their target.

Set Information

Lerahk as a set

Lerahk was released as a set in the summer of 2003. It contained forty-five pieces, including a rubbery Kraata. It could be combined with the Turahk and Kurahk sets to form the Rahkshi Kaita Za. Certain canister sets were packaged with a mini CD that explained the characters of Lerahk and Takanuva.



Lerahk, as seen in Mask of Light
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