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"We can't dig it, we can't drill it, we can't blow it up... How do we get through?!"
— A Miner, Mata Nui Online Game

Matoran Occupation
Purpose Dig for Ore, Protodermis and other minerals
Location Onu-Metru (formerly)
Onu-Koro (formerly)
Spherus Magna

A Miner is an Onu-Matoran who digs for precious substances to extract and use.

Metru Nui

On Metru Nui, the Onu-Matoran mined for Lightstones in the Lightstone Mines, but also to create lower levels of the Archives. On one such expansion expedition, the miners accidentally broke into one of the Bohrok Nests. The machines did not awaken, but the Archivists' curiosity was piqued and several specimens were studied.

Mata Nui

The Le-Koro Highway Miner Strike

On the island of Mata Nui, the Onu-Matoran mined for Ore, Protodermis and other substances, mainly in the Great Mine and Marn Tunnels. Miners often made use of Ussal Crabs and sophisticated machinery to assist them with their job, in addition to simpler tools like Pickaxes. The Onu-Matoran believed that mining was a fitting representation of the Virtues revered in Onu-Koro, Duty and Destiny.

Soon after the arrival of the Toa Mata, Onu-Koro was in the midst of a miner strike. The miners were refusing to complete the Le-Koro Highway because the only available illumination, torches from Ta-Koro, strained their eyes and were ineffective against attacks from Kofo-Jaga. While other miners carried protest signs, Taipu stubbornly continued to work. Eventually, Takua restored access to the Lightstone supply in the Cavern of Light and mining recommenced.

Mining Captain

The Mining Captain, also known as the Foreman, organized and supervised the work of the Miners on Mata Nui. Another responsibility of the Mining Captain was to speak on the Miners' behalf when in conference with Turaga Whenua, and he did so during the Le-Koro Highway Miner Strike.

Ussal carts used by Onu-Matoran miners

Known Miners

Mining Captains