Kohrak Va

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Kohrak Va
Bohrok Va
Powers None
Tools Ice claws
Status Dormant
Location Bohrok Nests
Pronunciation KOH-rahk VAH
Set 8551

The Kohrak Va are the Bohrok Va assigned to help the Bohrok Kohrak.


The Kohrak Va were created by the Great Beings to assist the Kohrak in clearing Mata Nui, reverting it to its original status as a barren wasteland. Upon creation, the Va were placed in hibernation along with the other Bohrok, waiting for the time to be awakened to perform their duty.

After Makuta Teridax was defeated by the Toa Mata, he used a sonic signal to awaken the swarms to begin their mission of clearing Mata Nui. The Kohrak Va began aiding the Kohrak in their mission to level the island by supplying krana to the Kohrak which had lost theirs.

The Kohrak Va were present for the Toa's first encounter with the Bohrok. As several Pahrak and Kohrak converged on Ta-Koro, the Toa arrived on the scene and began battling the creatures. After being driven back, the Kohrak Va continued to help the Bohrok. After many battles, Kopaka, while exploring around Ko-Wahi, noticed a Kohrak Va and several other Bohrok Va exiting a small cave entry to the Bohrok Nests.

After Toa defeated and captured the Bahrag and transformed into the Toa Nuva, the Kohrak Va feigned allegiance to the Matoran, and helped clean up the mess left by the swarms. When the Bohrok-Kal came about, the Kohrak Va secretly aided them, by sabotaging Ko-Koro and supplying krana-kal to the Bohrok-Kal which had lost theirs. Despite the loss of their powers, the Toa Nuva managed to defeat the Bohrok by unleashing their enemies' powers against the Bohrok-Kal. After the Toa's victory, the Bohrok and Bohrok Va returned to slumber.

When the Toa Nuva returned to the abandoned island, they reawakened the Bohrok and the Bohrok Va, allowing them to finally complete their duty. The Bohrok encountered Kardas, and, after sustaining injuries, defeated the dragon. When they had finished cleansing the island, the Kohrak Va and the other Bohrok returned to the nests, awaiting the time when they would be needed again.

Abilities and Traits

A group of Kohrak Va aiding in the reconstruction of Ko-Koro

Kohrak Va behave in a cool and confident manner, whether walking or sliding down glaciers. They use their excellent hearing to detect any sign of attack, then use their mastery of camouflage to bury themselves in snow and ice as they wait for the protection of the Bohrok swarms.[1] They are able to hide in snow and ice for several days on end.[citation needed]


Kohrak Va use Ice Claws, allowing them to scale cliffs with ease.

Set Information

Xa Za Vu Ca Yo Ja Su Bo
Kohrak Va

8551 Kohrak Va appeared as a set in the Spring of 2002 along with the other five Bohrok Va. It contained twenty-eight pieces. The set included a white krana, the dormant krana of Kohrak. Pushing on its left arm will result in the krana on the set's back to fling forward.

Kohrak Va can be combined with 8555 Nuhvok Va to make a Mata Nui Fishing Bird, or with 8550 Gahlok Va to make a Hapaka.


In the non-canonical The Coming of the Bohrok booklet included with BIONICLE: Bohrok Swarm, the Kohrak Va's Ice Claws are referred to as Ice-Picks.


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