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"They welcome all with open claws. It's when they snap them shut again that all the problems start."
Karzahni, Dark Destiny

Comic Manas.PNG
Powers Heat resistance
Pit Mutagen resistance
Conservation status Unknown
Known locations Great Barrier (formerly)
Mangaia (formerly)
Karzahni (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation MAH-nuhz[1]
Set number 8539

The Manas are large, powerful crab-like Rahi.


A Manas

The Manas species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.[2]

During their journey through the Great Barrier to the island of Mata Nui, the Toa Metru first spotted the Manas when two of them attacked an octopus-like Rahi.[3] Later one of them was devoured by Takea sharks.[4] When the Toa Metru returned, they informed the Rahaga of the Manas' existence.[5]

At some point after the Great Cataclysm, Makuta Icarax lost faith in Teridax's master plan, and gained the motivation to attempt and conquer the universe himself with an army of Manas crabs. He managed to fell several villages until Teridax challenged him. After several hours of combat Icarax had exhausted his energies, allowing Teridax to turn the Manas against his fellow Makuta.[TMC, Ch. 9]

Manas wearing Infected Kanohi

The Manas were also the creatures Teridax chose to guard his lair, Mangaia. During the Toa Mata's journey to confront Teridax, they were attacked by a pair of Manas, but were unable to defeat them alone. They merged their identities and formed the Toa Kaita,[6] and discovered that the Manas were strengthened by heating towers that Teridax had built on the road to his lair; when the towers were destroyed, the beasts were weakened, allowing the Toa Kaita to defeat them more easily.[7][MNOG]

Toa Nuva Onua and Whenua, while searching for a Kaukau Nuva, encountered two Manas, which were fighting amongst themselves. The two were able to get past the Manas by heating the cave intensely so that a stampede of Kofo-Jaga, which is attracted to heat, could distract the Manas. Their plan worked, and the Toa and Turaga were able to escape with the mask.[8]

The Manas in The Legend of Mata Nui

Karzahni also had numerous Manas as guards in his realm. When Jaller and the other five Matoran, Hahli, Kongu, Nuparu, Matoro and Hewkii entered Karzahni, they were confronted by Manas shortly after their entry, although they were not attacked.[9]

Karzahni later organized the Manas into an army and took them to the Pit with him, and in a conflict against Teridax and Matoro, he ordered the Manas to battle the two.[DroD, Ch. 6] However, at the last moment, Teridax used his power of Rahi Control to turn them against each other, killing most of the Manas.[ItD, Ch. 5]

After the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, the surviving Manas left the Matoran Universe and immigrated to Spherus Magna.[OGDi: Apr 4 2010, 12:11 PM][OGDi: Apr 7 2010, 01:19 PM]

Abilities and Traits

Manas are so powerful that they cannot be defeated by a lone Toa, and they were commonly employed as guardians or soldiers.[7] They also appear to have a higher intelligence level than most Rahi.[1] They are strengthened by Heat, and can survive in very hot environments, but can become sluggish in cold environments.[10] While they are savage and aggressive even towards their own kind,[11] they have been known to work together in dire situations.[citation needed: BC1?] They can also survive underwater,[DroD, Ch. 6][ItD, Ch. 5] and the Manas seen underwater did not exhibit any known mutations as a result of the Pit Mutagen.[citation needed]

Set Information

Manas Set

The Manas as a set
A yellow Manas in set form

8539 Manas was released as a large boxed set in 2001, consisting 442 pieces altogether, used to build one orange and one yellow Manas. The set featured two battery-powered motor bricks and two battery-powered infrared remotes. The three possible frequencies allowed up to three people to control the Manas in battle. The two motors of the motor brick each operated an arm and a tread, so one could attack and drive or steer simultaneously. When the two masks were hit and possibly knocked off by the Manas, a foot would drop and the Manas would lose its capacity for movement as if in injury. The two Manas could be combined to form a Mana Ko, the instructions for which could be found in the instruction booklet of the orange Manas.


  • "Manas" is a Matoran word for "monster"; Nokama thought it was a fitting name for the creatures they saw during their trip to Mata Nui.[5]
  • Whenua believed that the Manas were somehow related to the Ussal, though Matau thought this was unlikely. Onewa also suggested that the Manas were long surviving creatures of Metru Nui's pre-history.[5]


A Manas in the Mata Nui Online Game
A Matoran carving depicting a Manas
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