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This article is about the items in the Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle. You may be looking for crystalline Protodermis, a type of solid Protodermis.
Users Hahli
Function Open statues
Status Unknown
Location Respective temples (formerly)
Ta-Wahi Beach

The Crystals were the six crystals corresponding to the Principles of each village. They were hidden in their respective temples and later collected by Hahli on the island of Mata Nui.


During the Kolhii Tournament of Mata Nui, Hahli travelled around the island and collected Charms. She used the charms to obtain the Crystals at their respective temples, based on the Virtues, Principles and Kolhii Skills followed by the villages. Each is named after the Principle of each village.

They were placed in slots in the mysterious statues which surrounded the Mata Nui stone and Makuta stone at the top of a stairway at Ta-Wahi Beach. Doing so revealed the secret of the stones, which could be used to teleport the user to Kini-Nui.


Crystal of Courage

Location: Near the Charred Jungle, in the Ta-Koro Ruins.

Charms required: Courage, Duty, Strength.

Statue equation: Symbols of Duty and Courage.

Crystal of Purity

Location: Coordinate G6 in Naho Bay, in the Lost Reef.

Charms required: Unity, Purity, Speed.

Statue equation: Symbols of Unity and Speed.

Crystal of Faith

Location: Above Turaga Matau's chamber, in the Le-Koro Ruins.

Charms required: Faith, Unity, Duty, Accuracy.

Statue equation: Symbols of Unity, Duty and Accuracy.

Crystal of Creation

Location: Area of the Motara Desert, in the Po-Koro Ruins.

Charms required: Strategy, Creation, Unity, Destiny.

Statue Equation: Symbols of Unity, Destiny and Strategy.

Crystal of Prosperity

Location: Bottom of flooded Great Mine, in the Secret Cave.

Charms required: Prosperity, Stamina, Destiny, Duty.

Statue equation: Symbols of Duty, Stamina and Destiny.

Crystal of Peace

Location: Wastes of Ko-Wahi, in the Ko-Koro Ruins.

Charms required: Destiny, Willpower, Peace.

Statue equation: Symbols of Willpower and Destiny.

Hahli using the Crystals to unlock the mystery of the Stones


  • Originally, the crystals would have boosted Hahli's Kolhii skills to make her planned encounters with the Rahkshi easier. This feature, along with the Rahkshi fights themselves, was cut due to a reduction of budget for Mata Nui Online Game II's production. The crystals were intended to serve as a sort of biomechanical "memory" which would grant her their knowledge upon touching them,[1] similar to how Knowledge and Memory Crystals work.



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