BIONICLE 8: The End of the Toa?

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"Now and forevermore, we are... Toa Nuva!"
— Toa Nuva Tahu

BIONICLE 8: The End of the Toa?
Outside/alternate title The End of the Toa?
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Carlos D'Anda

"The End of the Toa?" is the eighth comic issue in the BIONICLE series and the fifth in its six-part "The Bohrok Saga" story arc. The comic was originally released in the September/October 2002 LEGO Magazine.

Plot Summary

The Toa are fighting the Bahrag Queens in their Exo-Toa suits, but losing terribly: Lewa is half frozen, Kopaka is buried, Gali is smothered in heat waves, and Onua and Pohatu are fighting illusions created by Cahdok.

Tahu fires an Electro-Rocket at the Bahrag, but to no effect, as Cahdok attacks Tahu with stone. Struggling to protect himself by his Mask of Shielding, Gali musters a cry out to Pohatu, who then launches a massive rock at the Bahrag.

Realizing the Exo-Toa hinder their Elemental Powers, the Toa shed them at Tahu's order. They surround and blast the Bahrag with a single beam of all six of their Elemental Powers combined, forming a Toa Seal. The Bahrag are trapped in a cage of solid Protodermis but foretell an unimaginable danger. Then the ground beneath the Toa shakes violently and sinks, plunging them into tubes of Energized Protodermis, the Toa Mata are then transformed into the Toa Nuva, to their own astonishment.

The ceiling then begins to collapse on them, and Tahu uses his mask power to protect them, discovering its enhanced power. Kopaka sees this and tells Pohatu and Lewa to combine their mask powers. They do, allowing the Toa to fly up and out of the cave to safety. Safe on the ground, they assess the situation and Tahu renames the team "Toa Nuva".



  • This comic was released in US Toys "R" Us stores and Comic-Con with an alternate foil cover and extra pages as a promotion. The extra pages concerned the Toa Nuva dealing with a rampaging Tahnok swarm, aimless and confused after the defeat of their queens. Onua shares his mask power with the other Toa Nuva, and together they create a crevice. After the Tahnok fall into the chasm, Kopaka seals it with ice. They took place prior to the last page in the normal comic.

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