Path of Prophecies

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"A marvelous stone gate stands before me. The path is overlooked by six magnificent, enormous stone faces. I wonder if these are also the work of Hafu, the stone carver with whom I just spoke?"
Takua's thoughts, Mata Nui Online Game

Path of Prophecies
Status Destroyed
Position Front of Po-Koro

The Path of Prophecies was a road flanked by carvings, leading to the village of Po-Koro on the island of Mata Nui.


The Path of Prophecies was created by the Po-Matoran Carver Hafu[1] soon after the Matoran established the village of Po-Koro.[citation needed] On either side of the road, there were three statues of Matoran heads. At the road's end was the entrance to Po-Koro, which was carved into the mouth of a large Matoran head.[2] Other monuments in the Path of Prophecies include an intricately-carved arching stone and an enormous Rahi Stone.[3]

Hafu and Kamen rebuilding the Path

During the Attack on Po-Koro by the Bohrok during the Bohrok Invasion, some Po-Matoran guards saw the Tahnok approaching the city. Hafu was sent to topple his own statues in an attempt to block the Tahnok from entering Po-Koro. Though reluctant to destroy his work, he eventually agreed to do it. In doing so, he was trapped outside,[4] although Pohatu saved him just as a Tahnok prepared to unleash his krana on him.[5] The other monuments were toppled by an invading Pahrak swarm, and Pohatu knocked over the Rahi Stone to trap one of the Pahrak.[6] Despite Hafu's efforts, the Po-Matoran were eventually forced to flee to Ga-Koro.[7]

The path was then rebuilt sometime afterwards, and the statues were in the process of being rebuilt, following the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal. During the time of the kolhii tournament, Hahli came across Hafu and Kamen working on one of the statues. In addition, the entrance to Po-Koro was being guarded by Ally and Piatra.[8] Work on the statues, however, ceased when the Matoran returned to Metru Nui.[citation needed]

The path was later cleared by the newly reawakened Bohrok swarms after they cleansed the entirety of the island of Mata Nui.[citation needed]


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