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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Hau Nuva

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"The Mask of Shielding protected us all! It could never do that before...!"
Toa Nuva Tahu, The End of the Toa?

Hau Nuva
Hau Nuva Tahu.png
Title Kanohi Nuva of Shielding
Powers Enhanced shielding
Component disks None
Bearers The Toa Nuva
Pronunciation HOW NOO-vah

The Hau Nuva is the Kanohi Nuva Mask of Shielding, formed when a destined Kanohi Hau is immersed in Energized Protodermis. The Hau Nuva allows its user and those nearby to shield themselves from the most powerful physical attacks, but not against ambush attacks.[C8, p. 19] The only beings able to use Hau Nuva are Toa Nuva.

Example Usage

A Hau Nuva protecting the Toa Nuva from a cave-in

Tahu used his Hau Nuva to protect himself and the rest of his team from a cave-in during The End of the Toa?


  • Toa Nuva Tahu - Former primary mask; now devolved into a Toa Mata
  • Toa Nuva Gali - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Lewa - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Pohatu - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Onua - Secondary mask
  • Toa Nuva Kopaka - Secondary mask


Picture Description
Hau Nuva Tahu.png A normal Hau Nuva
BH Poisoned Kanohi Hau Nuva.png Tahu's Hau Nuva, poisoned by a Lerahk.
Mask of Charisma Small.png A Hau Nuva, adjusted to a swamp environment via the Adaptive Armor.

Set Information

A Hau Nuva in action

The Hau Nuva was initially released in red in the Tahu Nuva set in 2002. In the same year it was released in the colors of the six Toa Nuva in a set containing two random Kanohi Nuva and three random Krana. In 2003 it was released in silver in a set containing two random Kanohi Nuva, including the less-common silver variants, and three Krana-Kal. It was also released in a clock set in 2003.

A special, exclusive Poisoned Hau Nuva was released alongside with the "BIONICLE Chronicles 4 books in 1" combination pack. The LEGO Group, however, ran out of Poisoned Hau some years later, so they replaced them with Lhikan's mask. It was also released in an issue of the German BIONICLE magazine as a free gift and in the UK as part of another combination pack, also including several back issues of BIONICLE comics and a repackaged Turaga Vakama.

The Adaptive Armor version of the Kanohi Hau Nuva was released in summer 2008 as a dark red piece included with the Tahu Mistika set. This form of the mask, along with the rest of this particular Tahu set, is adapted to a swamp environment. This version of the mask was also used in the Trinuma combiner set to represent part of the Mask of Charisma.

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