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"He stopped in front of one of the new figures — another Rahkshi, this one white in color. Its name was Kurahk — the Anger-Rahkshi."
— Narrator, Mask of Light

Comic Kurahk.png
Powers Anger
Tools Staff of Anger
Status Wild
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation KER-rahk
Set number 8588

Kurahk are the Rahkshi of Anger.


Mata Nui

Kurahk screeching at Takua

Makuta Teridax created six Rahkshi in his lair, Mangaia, in the event that they may be needed. He stored them in large green vats inside his lair. When he learned of the Avohkii's discovery, he placed a Kraata in the Vorahk's, Kurahk's, and Turahk's Rahkshi armor. He then sent them out to defeat the Toa Nuva and prevent Takua from becoming a Toa of Light. The three Rahkshi attacked Onu-Koro, where the Kurahk was able to enrage Tahu into attacking Gali. Onua later caved-in Onu-Koro, seemingly burying the Rahkshi.

They survived, however, and managed to return to the surface. Kurahk then joined the ambush against Kopaka Nuva, and attempted to make the newly-arrived Toa Tahu, Gali, and Lewa fight amongst themselves with its power, but Lewa blew its Staff of Anger tool out of its hands, with Gali blasting it with high-pressure water.

While searching for the herald, Kurahk combined with Turahk and Lerahk to form a Rahkshi Kaita Za, while the other three Rahkshi formed a Rahkshi Kaita Vo. The two caused damage to parts of Le-Wahi and Rahkshi Kaita Za used to its powers to make Tahu angry and Kopaka afraid as the two Toa Nuva approached with Lewa. It temporarily downed Tahu and Kopaka with a cyclone attack, though Kopaka reflected an attack by the other Kaita at it and Tahu brought mountain rock down on the Kaita which later separated.

This Kurahk was later defeated by the combined might of the Toa Nuva in a battle at Kini-Nui. It was frozen by Kopaka after being injured from a ball of lava released by Tahu and Onua. Its armor was later dismantled along with the other five Rahkshi to create the Ussanui.

Abilities and Traits

Kraata Cu Stage 1.png
stage 1
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stage 2
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stage 3
Kraata Cu Stage 4.png
stage 4
Kraata Cu Stage 5.png
stage 5
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stage 6

Kurahk are always in a rage and always act without thinking ahead. They are also fast and strong enough to down any foe. However, they generally prefer to turn their opponents against each other. They are created from Kraata-Cu that are dipped into Energized Protodermis. A second Kraata-Cu is then needed to run the Rahkshi armor that is created.


Kurahk carry Staffs of Anger, through which they can fire rings of energy which cause the target to be consumed by rage. Even the Toa Nuva are not immune to their power, which magnifies any mild difference of opinion into an all-out physical conflict.

Set Information

Kurahk as a set

Kurahk was released as a set in the summer of 2003. It contained forty-five pieces, including a rubbery Kraata. It could be combined with the Turahk and Lerahk sets to create the Rahkshi Kaita Za. Certain canister sets were packaged with a mini CD that explained the characters of Kurahk and Takanuva.



Kurahk in Mask of Light
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