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One Year and Four Months Ago

One of the Bohrok Nests
  • The defeated Makuta Teridax activates a sonic signal that causes the Bohrok swarms to awake.
  • The Bohrok swarms awake and begin destroying all life on Mata Nui.
  • The Toa find Kapura babbling one word: "Bohrok".
  • The Toa race to Ta-Koro, to find Pahrak and Kohrak attacking. Gali and Lewa create a thunderstorm, chasing them off. The Toa succeed in capturing one.
  • Turaga Vakama tells the legend of the Bohrok and explains to the Toa the powers of the swarms. He also tasks them with gathering eight different types of Krana from each of the swarm.
  • The Toa return to each of their villages to capture Krana.
  • Pahrak and Lehvak attack Po-Koro, destroying the carvings. Pohatu gathers a few Krana.
  • Gali, while travelling through Le-Wahi, encounters a swarm of Tahnok. She traps some of the Bohrok into a swamp and gathers Krana. She realizes that the Bohrok are just robotic beings, controlled by Krana. The rest of the Tahnok swarm heads to Po-Wahi.
  • Tahnok attack Po-Koro.
  • At Onewa's suggestion, a team is prepared to head out with Hafu to topple his statues beside the Path of Prophecies to stop the Bohrok advance. The Tahnok attack outside the border sooner then expected however, and Hafu goes and accomplishes the mission alone. He is then trapped outside.
  • The Tahnok attack Hafu but Pohatu rescues him at the last minute and reaches the village with Hewkii's help.
  • Onua, while travelling to Onu-Koro, locates a swarm of Nuhvok. He takes down a few members of the swarm and gathers some Krana. The rest of the swarm disappears after a Nuhvok Va relays a mysterious message.[1]
  • Onua reaches Onu-Koro. Suddenly a Gahlok swarm floods the cavern. Onua agrees with Whenua to evacuate.[1]
  • While Onu-Koro is being evacuated, the Gahlok attack again. Onepu, Taipu and Nuparu are trapped in a cave. Using parts from a destroyed Bohrok, they create the Boxor, which they use to escape.
Lewa sees the population of Le-Koro wearing Krana
  • Po-Koro is evacuated.
  • Kongu is searching for his Bamboo Disk when he finds a Bohrok. He gets the warning to Matau.
  • As Lewa reaches Le-Koro, he discovers it has been taken over by the Bohrok; all of Le-Koro's Matoran (except for Kongu and Tamaru), as well as Turaga Matau, are under the control of the Krana.[2]
  • The Le-Matoran jump on Lewa, who dares not fight his own villagers. A Krana is placed on his face.
  • Kopaka, Onua, Gali and Pohatu prepare a trap for the Tahnok swarm.
  • After a lengthy disappearance with no contact from Lewa, Onua is sent to find him.
  • Gali and Pohatu successfully execute the plan, flooding a canyon in Po-Wahi and collecting several Krana from the Tahnok.
  • Kopaka reaches Ko-Koro, only to see Tahnok destroy it.
  • Kopaka travels to Ta-Wahi. During the way, he trails a Tahnok Va and discovers a Bohrok Nest.
  • Tahu makes a motivating speech to the Ta-Matoran. Kopaka arrives and tells him about the nest.
  • Takua, joins Nuparu and the Onu-Matoran. They take out a swarm of Lehvak in Le-Wahi.
  • Onua takes Lewa's Kanohi from a Lehvak Va party. Immediately after he is attacked by Lewa, controlled by a Krana Za.
  • Lewa fights Onua, but not wanting to hurt Lewa, Onua resists. He helps Lewa to regain his control and remove the Krana.
  • The Matoran in Le-Wahi, joining with Kongu and Tamaru, make a plan, using the Boxors, to save Le-Koro.
  • The following day, Kongu and Tamaru lure the Nuhvok near Le-Koro and the Krana-controlled Matoran into open space. There, the Onu-Matoran attack with the Boxors, take out the swarm and free the Le-Matoran.
  • Meanwhile, Pohatu and Gali are chased by the Tahnok, but defeat them. The Toa now have all the Krana they need.
  • The Toa reunite. They decide to enter the nest. Meanwhile, Lewa realizes that Teridax released the Bohrok.
  • The Toa enter the nest. Kopaka freezes the Tahnok Va guards.
  • Toa encounter a strange impenetrable wall. Tahu explores an opening, but is trapped in the Bohrok Nest. Shortly after, lava rushes toward the other Toa.
  • A Krana is affixed to Tahu's face, but he manages to break free nearly instantly and recover his Golden Kanohi.[3]
  • Takua, Jaller, and others arrive in Ga-Koro to defend against the Bohrok. Soon after, all of the Po-Matoran arrive in Ga-Koro after retreating from Po-Koro.
  • Pahrak attack Ga-Koro while Macku, Kotu and Hahli destroy the path to Ga-Koro from the shore, giving temporary peace.
  • Lewa realizes the wall is an illusion as Kopaka freezes the lava. The Toa thus manage to get through the wall.
  • Tahu blasts the Bohrok Nest apart, breaking into the room the other Toa were in, and they all fall through the floor.
  • The Toa find niches into which the Krana fit. The Krana unlock six passages to the Exo-Toa, which the Toa don.
  • In Ta-Koro, the Onu-Matoran and the Ta-Matoran defend their village against the Bohrok.
Tahu fights Cahdok while in an Exo-Toa
  • Pahrak destroy a sculpture of Gali's Kaukau to reach Ga-Koro and overturn lily pads the Boxor are standing on.
  • Lewa and Tahu face the Bahrag. Kopaka helps Lewa overcome Gahdok and lures her into the cave.
  • The Toa use the Exo-Toa's power to drive the Bahrag to the center of their chamber, but this only increases the Bahrag's power.
  • The Toa fight the Bahrag, but Kopaka is blasted by hail, Lewa frozen, Onua and Pohatu trapped in illusions. Tahu and Gali try to call upon their elemental powers, but are deserted by them.
  • Pohatu breaks free of the illusion, but is unable to stop the Bahrag. Realizing that the Exo-Toa hinder their elemental power, the Toa shed their armor.
  • Macku and Kotu rescue the pilots as Pahrak Va bring Krana Vu, letting the Bohrok fly over to the remaining lily pads.
  • Using a makeshift catapult, Takua joins the group in Ga-Koro and confronts the Bohrok, just before the defeat of Bahrag stops the Bohrok.
  • The Toa blast the Bahrag with a single beam of all six of their elemental powers combined. The Bahrag are trapped in a cage of solid Protodermis.
  • The ground beneath the Toa sinks, plunging them into Energized Protodermis. They are transformed into the Toa Nuva.
  • The Nuva Symbol appear in the Suva, and Bohrok around the island stop their attacks
  • The Kanohi the Toa previously collected disappear, and Kanohi Nuva are teleported to Mata Nui from Artakha.
  • The Toa Nuva encounter out of control Tahnok, and defeat them with the Pakari Nuva. Using the Miru and Kakama Nuva they fly out of the cavern. Tahu calls them the Toa Nuva.
  • The Bohrok are reprogrammed to help seal Krana in Krana Pits. Naho Falls is rebuilt and the game of Kolhii is redeveloped.