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A Year and a Half Ago

  • Takua, because of his adventurous ways which would often lead to trouble, is banished from Ta-Koro.[1]
  • With a millennia having passed since the Great Cataclysm, Makuta Teridax launches a new wave of Rahi against Mata Nui in an attempt to kidnap the village Turaga.[1]
  • Whenua, summons Takua to come to Onu-Koro, but by the time Takua arrives, Whenua has been abducted. Takua locates Vakama's missing Firestaff before Taipu points Takua in the direction of the Great Mine. There Takua battles Rahi throughout the passage, and frees Whenua trapped by a Vatuka. Once back in Onu-Koro, Whenua relates to Takua the current problems of the island: the Turaga, save Vakama, are missing, and each of the Vuata Maca trees in each village are poisoned. The Toa Stones are also needed in this time of peril. For his quest, Whenua gives Takua a Volo Lutu Launcher. Takua recovers the Onua Toa Stone and the two Vuata Maca crystals in another area of Onu-Koro. After healing the Onu-Koro Vuata Maca tree and beating Onepu in a Ussal race, Takua goes on his way.[2]
  • Upon arriving in Ga-Koro, Takua is challenged to a Ngalawa Boat Race and wins, beating even Maku. Takua then journeys to find Nokama, who has been held captive in a Makika cave. Takua quickly saves her, before journeying to find the Toa Gali stone and the Vuata Maca crystals.[3]
  • No sooner does Takua arrive in Po-Koro than he discovers Whenua's stolen Drill. While heading to the village, Podu's friend asks Takua help him free Podu, who was trapped in a rockslide while they were playing Kohlii. Takua does this, then begins searching for the Turaga. After saving a trapped Moa Bird, Takua uses the drill to free Onewa from his trap. Takua also locates a Bamboo Disk and makes use of it in fighting the Rahi. It isn't long before he defeats a Kofo-Jaga and claims the Toa Pohatu stone.[4]
  • Onewa gives directions to Le-Koro, and Takua sets off. Upon his arrival, Takua is challenged by a Le-Matoran to a Kewa Ride and wins. While scouring the trees for clues, Takua finds Nuju's Ice Pick. He soon reaches a Kewa's nest where he recovers Matau. He also discovers the Vuata Maca crystals. Takua and the Turaga return to the village where Matau allows the Matoran temporary use of his staff. Takua is then able to track down and recover the Toa Lewa stone.[5]
  • Takua next makes his way to Ko-Koro, and after a victorious game of Huai Snowball Sling, the Sanctum Guard issues Takua a brief warning of the extreme temperatures before allowing him admittance. There Takua is told that the Rahi have foiled Matoro's attempts to recover Nuju. After warding off the Snow Birds, Takua tracks down Nuju, who gives him Nokama's Trident as it had been stolen by Rahi and found by Nuju himself. Nuju then requests Takua find the Kopaka Toa stone and the "Element of Melting", a heating device used to control the water supply in the village. Takua finds these and the crystals and returns them to the village.[6]
  • After so long, Takua finally returns to Ta-Koro. Vakama doubts the wanderer's abilities, and sends him to find the antidote to cleanse the poisoned wells in the village. After a brief (and victorious) game of Ignalu Lava Surfing--one won with a lavaboard once given to him by Vakama--Takua then purifyies the wells. Takua accomplishes this. However, Jaller informs him that in his absence, a gang of Fire Mahi have captured Vakama. Takua frees Vakama, recovers the Tahu stone and the crystals, although as he does, he spies a strange mechanism deep in the volcano. After returning the items, Takua returns and activates the mechanism, but this only causes the ground to cave in. Takua lands on his lavaboard onto a flow of the lava, riding it down the stream and through an opening. He is flung out the volcano and crashes to a halt at Kini-Nui.[7]
Takua summoning the Toa Mata
  • All the Turaga have gathered there to discuss Takua's actions, and are surprised to find him there. Takua returns their staves to them, and in response, they allow him to insert the Toa Stones in the right slots in the temple's suva--slots where they must be put in only the most desperate times. Takua requests Vakama give his board to a trustworthy Matoran, as he fears what is about to happen. He puts the Toa Stones in their correct slots.[8]
  • Upon inserting the stones, a blast from Toa Stones hurls Takua to the Ta-Wahi Beach, knocking him unconscious for a short period and giving him amnesia.[8]
Toa Onua's canister, used to bring him to the island of Mata Nui
  • Dazed from the explosion, Takua has a strange vision of The Legend of Mata Nui.[9]
  • A Tarakava attacks Ga-Koro and sinks a hut containing Turaga Nokama and all the Ga-Matoran except Macku, who escapes.[10]
  • The six canisters arrive on the island Mata Nui's beach, and the Toa Mata emerge from them, being obliged to rebuild themselves and possessing no memory of their past life.[11]
  • Takua awakens on the beach of Ta-Wahi with temporary amnesia. Rising, he watches Tahu leave for Ta-Koro, and follows Tahu's path, but is blocked by a lava stream. Takua returns to the beach and heads for the Great Telescope, where he remembers his vision of the Legend of Mata Nui.[9]
  • Tahu, mistaken as a Rahi, is attacked by Jaller and the Ta-Koro Guard. Turaga Vakama intervenes before a fight takes place.[9]
  • Takua heads back again to Ta-Koro, where speaks with Vakama and recovers his lavaboard from Maglya. Then returns to the beach through the Charred Forest, where he meets with Kapura. Finally, he returns to the beach where he finds Macku, who informs him of the Tarakava attack on Ga-Koro and pleads him to help. Takua travels by boat to Ga-Koro while Macku searches for Gali.[9][10]
  • Pohatu notices Kopaka, and tries to get to him fast, but he crashes into a wall, burying accidentally Kopaka in the progress. After freeing himself from Pohatu's avalanche, Kopaka meets the Toa of Stone. With strong arguement from Pohatu, they decide to work together. The two find Kopaka's Hau on Mount Ihu. Seeing others, Kopaka and Pohatu journey to meet the other Toa.[11]
  • On the way, a Kane-Ra attacks them. Kopaka traps the beast in a canyon but knows it will escape. Pohatu prolongs it imprisonment by collapsing the ravine's wall.[17]
The Toa Mata meet up
  • Reuniting for the first time in 99,000 years, the Toa discuss the next course of action and individually embark on their quests to find the Masks of Power around the island. Before they start, Makuta Teridax causes an earthquake in an attempt to frighten the Toa.[18]
  • Gali is saved by Lewa from waters controlled by Teridax. She swims in the sea to find Ga-Koro and fights another Tarakava, trapping it in a cave.[19]
  • Takua arrives in Ga-Koro, which bears damage from the Tarakava attack, and is able to free the villagers. This draws the attention of the Tarakava, but it is defeated upon Gali's arrival.[10]
  • Tahu travels to Onu-Wahi to gain a Kanohi Akaku and on the way is attacked by a swarm of Kofo-Jaga under Teridax's influence. After defeating them, Tahu sees that Teridax somehow uses Infected Kanohi to make the Rahi his minions, but without comprehension.[20]
  • Lewa travels to a subterranean lake in Le-Wahi to take possession of a Kanohi Kakama and fights a Nui-Jaga. He almost drowns in the water, but manages to complete his mission.[19]
  • Gali travels to find her Kanohi Miru, in the mountains of Po-Wahi, finding it and using it successfully when the mountain crumbles underneath. Landing, she finds herself trapped by Rahi.[19]
  • Lewa is almost devoured by a Muaka, but is saved by Onua. Later, he meets Onua and Pohatu, who tell him the Toa are going to have a meeting.[19][21]
  • Gali is saved by Tahu, but during the battle with the Rahi she has a vision of the Toa Kaita.[21]
  • Learning of an epidemic in Po-Koro, Takua heads there and discovers that the newest Kolhii ball, the Comet, is infected by Teridax, causing the epidemic, and informs Onewa of this. Being unable to find out the origin of the new product from the seller, the Matoran comes across a key with an elemental symbol on it. Takua goes to the Po-Wahi Quarry and discovers one of the tunnels is stored with Infected Masks and Kolhii Balls. It is guarded by a Nui-Jaga. Pohatu arrives, is blinded, and with Takua's help, defeats the creature. The Comet balls are thrown into the sea, ending the epidemic.[22]
  • Takua is appointed Chronicler by Nokama.[22]
The Cavern of Light
  • Lewa fights an infected Rahi in Onu-Wahi for possession of his Kanohi Pakari.[23]
  • Kopaka journeys to Ta-Wahi to collect his Kanohi Pakari. While doing so, he is hit by a chunk of ice and receives a vision of Akamai and Wairuha. After gaining his Kanohi Pakari, Kopaka is saved by Lewa, who tells him that Onua has called a meeting. Kopaka theorizes that the vision was from Teridax, since it nearly killed him.[24]
  • Jaller, Macku, Onepu, Matoro, Kongu, and Hewkii try and convince Kopaka and Lewa to go to a Bamboo Disk tournament. However, the Toa are otherwise occupied. The Matoran encounter a Nui-Jaga, which they defeat by forming a Matoran Nui and using a trap.[25]
  • Onua's meeting begins, and Teridax causes the Mangai Volcano to erupt. Lewa and Onua rush to stop it, while the others face numerous Rahi. After overcoming these obstacles, the Toa decide to work as a team in their search for Kanohi.[21]
  • Le-Koro is attacked by a swarm of Nui-Rama, who capture Turaga Matau and all the Matoran, except the Gukko Force, and take them to the Nui-Rama Hive.[26]
  • Traveling to Onu-Koro, Takua helps drain a lava build-up in the Cavern of Light, and then helps opening a sundial that is obstructing work in the Great Mine. The extra lighting provided by Takua helps the Onu-Matoran dig through a passage way into Le-Koro. Takua befriends Taipu, a Miner working there, and agrees to travel with him to the village.[27][26]
  • Gali, Kopaka and Onua use their Kanohi Kaukau to gain Tahu's Kanohi Miru. While traveling to get it, the three defeat a Tarakava.[28]
  • Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa travel to Po-Wahi to get Pohatu's Kanohi Kaukau.[28]
  • After a short walk, Taipu is suddenly captured by a Nui-Rama. Takua continues to Le-Koro in hope of finding help and learns of the Nui-Rama attack from the villagers.As they are, the Gukko Force and their leader Kongu, prepare an attack on the Nui-Rama Hive. Takua rides as a second on Kongu's Gukko, Ka.[26]
  • Kongu and Takua make it into the nest, but their Gukko is injured, and an infected Lewa reveals himself. However, this happens right as Onua breaks into the Hive, and an intense battle takes place between the Toa. Onua gains the upper hand, and knocks off Lewa's Infected mask. Giving Lewa his Miru back, the two take down the Hive, and rescue all the Matoran.[26]
Lewa fights Onua while under Teridax's influence
  • Takua heads to Ta-Koro, and learns from Jaller that his scouts in Ko-Wahi have disappeared. Jaller gives Takua an Ensign and charges him with finding what has happened to the scouts. Takua goes to Ko-Wahi, and finds Kopeke frozen. He uses a Heatstone to thaw him out, and learns from him that the scouts were taken by Teridax.[29]
  • Takua first travels to Ko-Koro, and then journeys out to the mountains to find Matoro, Nuju's translator. He falls unconscious because of the harsh blizzard conditions, and has a vision of the Bohrok. However, he is saved by Matoro who reassures the Matoranand then leaves him in a small igloo. While journeying out a moment, Matoro finds a dangerous Muaka who attacks Matoro. Kopaka then arrives and intervenes. After a small battle, Kopaka defeats the Rahi using his Mahiki and Huna.[29]
  • The Toa collect all six parts of the Makoki Stone, which are to be used to unlock the way to the Mangaia.[30]
  • Gali, Tahu, and Onua arrive in Le-Wahi to gain Tahu's Kanohi Kakama. Tahu burns down a tree to retrieve the Mask of Power and nearly sets the forest on fire. Gali puts out the fires and angrily stalks off.[28]
  • The Toa Mata finish collecting the rest of the masks by retrieving Tahu's Kanohi Kaukau.[28]
  • Back in Ko-Koro, Takua, Matoro and the Turaga Nuju, who speaks in the language of flying Rahi, discuss the Toa's absence. A plan is formed and Takua is assigned to collect a team to protect the entrance of Kini-Nui while the Toa battle Teridax. Takua gathers Kapura, Macku, Hafu, Taipu, Tamaru, and Kopeke to journey with him.[29][31]
  • The villages begin a major defense against the Rahi that approach while the Toa travel into Kini-Nui.[30]
  • The Chronicler's Company arrives at the Kini-Nui to defend Kini-Nui. Gali creates a mental link with Takua.[30]
  • The Toa receive their Golden Kanohi at Kini-Nui, and the path to Teridax's lair, Mangaia, is revealed.[30]
  • The company tries to fend off the Rahi, but are soon outnumbered. However, they are rescued by the arrival of the Ta-Koro Guard, Gukko Force and other defending groups, successfully defeating the Rahi.[30]
  • Meanwhile, the Toa encounter two Manas, which are nearly unstoppable. Gali and Kopaka agree based on their visions that they must combine to form the Toa Kaita, and they do so. The Toa Kaita destroy the strange devices used to keep the Manas strong and intelligent, weakening the Manas. After this, it is not long before the Manas themselves are defeated. Before entering Mangaia the six are forced to separate because of Teridax's divisive power.[32][33][34][30]
  • Takua receives a vision from Gali saying that they are entering the lair of the Teridax and that the visions from here will end. Gali urges Takua to find them.[30]
  • The Toa face the Shadow Toa, reaching victory after accepting that shadow is a part of them, as with all beings, and absorbing the shadowy attackers.[35][36][37]
  • After the battle, Onepu tells Takua that something has happened to the sundial, and Whenua needs to speak with him. Takua rides on Pewku, and reaches Onu-Koro. Whenua tells Takua the sundial may be another passageway to Mangaia, and if so, it is his duty as Chronicler to travel there. Takua travels into the sundial and reaches the Toa Mata, but hides out of sight as they approach the Makuta.[30]
  • Teridax appears to the Toa Mata in his inner chamber as a mere Matoran, and mocks the Toa, then changing form to a swirling vortex of pieces and shadowy tentacles and battling the Toa. The Toa counter by blasting him with their elemental power, which appears to defeat him. The Toa are teleported up to Kini-Nui.[30]
The Toa Mata face Teridax
  • Takua quietly looks around the damaged area and discovers the Bohrok. As they begin to awaken, he is transported up through a portal onto the surface of the Ta-Wahi Beach, and meets with Vakama. Vakama converses with Takua for a time before the two of them return to the safety of Ta-Koro.[30]


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