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All Our Sins Remembered

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All Our Sins Remembered
LoBM - All Our Sins Remembered.jpg
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Stuart Sayger

All Our Sins Remembered is an exclusive 25 page comic included in the eighth Graphic Novel, Legends of Bara Magna. The comic was illustrated by Stuart Sayger.


Raanu of the Fire Tribe contemplates the lifestyles of his fellow Agori and the history of his home. His thoughts wander to a barren landscape, with a village nearby and smoke pouring from a volcano in the background. The area is a dry and desolate enviroment, with dead trees and plantlife. Beyond this dismal wasteland, a living vessel glides over a vast ocean. Further away are impressive creatures of all sizes living in a flourishing forest.

A formidable structure with no visible entrance stands in the middle of a huge valley. This tower is said to hold the Great Beings, creators of all living beings on the planet and who now, being unable to always manage their creations, create the six Element Lords: The Fire, Ice, Water, Rock, Sand, and Jungle to govern Spherus Magna. The discovery of a powerful liquid called Energized Protodermis in the lands occupied by the Ice Tribe disturbs the peaceful nature of the Element Lords' rule. The inhabitants find that it has the power to transform or destroy other materials. The six Element Lords discuss who should control the source. Immediately, the Element Lord of Ice claims the substance, to the others' dissatisfaction, pushing all of the Tribes of Spherus Magna into war, to be known as the Core War.

Trying to find a way to end the conflict, the Great Beings send two Agori, Raanu and Kyry, to take a sample of the substance. Right after discovering the source, the Agori find they are in the middle of a huge battle. Hastily, Raanu takes a sample and brings it to the Great Beings. The Great Beings test the substance and learn "a very grim truth". Hoping to stop the fighting, the Great Beings unleash fearsome creatures onto the battlefield, trained to kill any armed warrior, in an attempt to delay the effects of the war. They also program them to construct a fortress to conceal any evidence of their time on the planet, while alongside, they create another race of beings, who, in turn, build a massive robot to explore other planets.

Meanwhile, the Fire tribe captures the pool of the mysterious substance and begin to tap into its power. Raanu and Kyry try to warn Malum of the consequences, but are disregarded. The Great Beings ultimately launch the massive robot, known as Mata Nui, into space, hoping it will find refuge on a new planet. On Spherus Magna, the planet finally explodes into three parts to be known as Bara Magna, Aqua Magna, and Bota Magna. The inhabitants now reform their planets into a new home. All veterans of the Core War are now Glatorian, fighting for resources for their tribe in the arena. There is not a single remnant of the Great Beings, only their creations.

Raanu notices Ackar walking toward him and thinks about what has happened to his home. The two meet and leave for their village, about to prepare for an arena match with Strakk.