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"Axalara T9? Okay, I know I haven't been here before. I would have ever-remembered you."
Toa Nuva Lewa, Endgame

Axalara T9
Comic Axalara T9.PNG
Manufacturer Artakha
Users Toa Nuva Lewa (formerly)
Function Flight
Escape from Energy Storms
Status Functional
Pronunciation AXE-uh-LAH-ruh[OGDi: Jun 3 2009, 09:18 AM]
Set number 8943

The Axalara T9 is a large aircraft made by Artakha.


The Axalara T9 flying

The Axalara T9 was stored in the Codrex along with the Rockoh T3 and Jetrax T6 in the early days of the Matoran Universe.[1]

After the Toa Nuva entered the Codrex, Onua accidentally triggered the appearance of the three vehicles. Lewa discovered the Axalara T9, and shortly afterwards, Antroz revealed himself and hijacked the Jetrax T6. Pohatu immediately gave chase on the Rockoh T3, and Lewa soon followed on the Axalara T9. When the Rockoh T3 was shot down, Lewa prepared to charge into the Jetrax T6, only to find himself pinned in place by Bitil's magnetic powers. Some of the armor of the Axalara was sheared off by his Laser Vision.

Pohatu and Lewa were about to crash into the Jetrax T6 with the Rockoh T3 and Axalara T9 from opposite sides, but Antroz teleported out of the pilot's seat of the vehicle. Kopaka managed to create ice barriers to bring the two other vehicles to a stop, and proceeded to take control of the Jetrax T6.

When the Energy Storms began, all three vehicles were used by the Toa Nuva and Takanuva to escape Karda Nui.[2]

The Toa Nuva flew to Metru Nui, where a large battle against the Brotherhood of Makuta forces ensued. The three vehicles were able to join the successful defense of the island city against the Brotherhood. Artakha likely teleported the Axalara T9 and the other vehicles back to Karda Nui.[3]


The Axalara T9 with its landing gear deployed

The Axalara T9 is the strongest of the Karda Nui aerial vehicles. It is equipped with dual Midak Skyblasters and Tri-Cyclone Stingers,[4] which feature lasers and force field capacitors.[Product info] The vehicle features double-reinforced, twenty-four inch-thick armor (61 cm, 0.44 bio) made of Protosteel, and it is armed with Protosteel weapons. Up to seven million pounds of thrust (31 million newtons) can be exerted by the T9 engine. The "smart cockpit" on the Axalara T9 directly feeds sensor information to its pilot.[5]

Set Information

The Lewa figure featured in the set as the pilot of the Axalara T9

8943 Axalara T9 was released as one of the large boxed sets in the second half of 2008 with 693 pieces. It measures 20 inches (52 cm) long and 13 inches (30 cm) high. 36 of the set's pieces are used to build Lewa, leaving 657 pieces for the actual vehicle. It comes packaged with a new form of Lewa in his Adaptive Armor. The tri-arms are able to fold away by spinning a wheel on either side, while another pair of wheels directly in front of those open or close the four side panels, revealing the set's two Midak Skyblasters. Larger wheels further forward on the craft's sides deploy Axalara's landing gear. A handle, affixed to the bottom of the vehicle, assists in play.


  • The Axalara T9 won the French "Grand Prix du Jouet" ("Toy Grand Prize") award in 2008.[6]


The Axalara T9 in BIONICLE: Mistika
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