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This article is about the former website. You may be looking for informational page about the current wiki.
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Type Reference Site
Managers Crystal Matrix, Swert

Bionicle Sector 01 (BS01, BIONICLE Sector 01, BIONICLEsector01) was the largest online reference site dedicated to BIONICLE. The website was proclaimed as the largest storyline reference site of the BIONICLE storyline at its time, with detailed entries of all types. The site has since been upgraded to BIONICLEsector01 Wiki, and is no longer available online.


BIONICLE Sector 01 was created as a simple site by Crystal Matrix in 2002, then known as Exo-Makuta. It was a very small site with nothing more about the Toa than their most basic descriptions.

Then Exo-Makuta changed his name to Crystal Matrix and created a newer version of the site, with a white and light blue interface, online news, and its own domain name. It quickly became a very popular BIONICLE reference site to many BIONICLE fans across the web. However, Crystal Matrix soon became very busy with his lifestyle, and it fell to lack of updates.

In 2004, Crystal Matrix released yet another updated version created using Microsoft Frontpage. The new design did not have just reference, but a more visually pleasing look and a wide range of BIONICLE media. However, real life struck again, and the site continued to suffer from a growing lack of updates.

Then came the realization that Microsoft Frontpage was not advanced enough and that hand-coding would be preferred, so Crystal Matrix, with the help of his friend Gornakle, designed a new site that used database access and featured staff (Swert, Twin Matrix, Pekel and Redeemed Sol). Unlike previous incarnations, this version was able to feature skins and was partnered with BZPower, the largest BIONICLE fan site on the web. When it launched on the July 24th, 2005, the BIONICLE fandom finally had a reference site which viewers could trust and enjoy.

In October 2005, a new part of BIONICLE Sector 01 was introduced. This new section was a wiki, and was named the "BIONICLE Sector 01 Wiki", or "BS01 Wiki" in short. With the introduction of the wiki, the original BS01 was nicknamed as the "BS01 Mainsite".

Unfortunately, a loss of database in 2007 caused all content of the "mainsite" to be lost, and will not be recreated. As a result, the "mainsite" and the "wiki" became one, known as BIONICLEsector01 Wiki.


Original Team

From Summer 2005 to February 4, 2007, the staff team of BS01 was made up of the following individuals, each with their own unique positions.

  • Crystal Matrix (formerly Exo-Makuta) - Owner of BS01 (2002 - April 1, 2006)
  • Pekel - Content Manager (July 24, 2005 - April 1, 2006); Co-Owner (April 1, 2006 - February 4, 2007)
  • Swert - Skin Manager (July 24, 2005 - April 1, 2006); Co-Owner (April 1, 2006 - February 4, 2007)
  • Gorn - Lead Programmer (July 24, 2005 - February 4, 2007)
  • redeemed sol - Editor of Reference Materials (July 24, 2005 - February 4, 2007)
  • Twin Matrix - Editor of Reference Materials (July 24, 2005 - February 4, 2007)
  • Wild Rahkshi Master - Programmer (July 24, 2005 - February 4, 2007)

On April 1, 2006, a notice was posted stating Crystal Matrix's retirement. Though initially thought as an April Fool's Day prank, it was discovered that the notice was pure truth and Pekel and Swert were promoted from Content Manager and Skin Manager to Co-Owners of BS01.

During the summer of 2006, a notice for new staff was posted and three new staff were chosen: Utopia: a Wiki Staff Member at the time, Erebus: a large helper around the Wiki, and Dr. Bionicle, a staff member on BZPower. However, shortly after their appointment as staff, a large period of downtime occurred in which the original staff were disbanded, Pekel stepped down as Co-Owner and Swert was promoted to Owner of BS01.

New Team of Staff

On February 4, 2007, a new team of BS01 staff was announced. However, due to the downtime and loss of database, the latter three members were not able to perform their duties.

Originally, three other members (who shall remain nameless) were chosen to be on the team. However, due to various reasons, two of the members in question had to pull out of the staff team and were then replaced by Darnzerf and Bioran23, while the third member remained unreplaced.


Alongside the new staff team, four advisors were chosen by Swert to help him maintain order with the staff. The four advisors were:


The "Six Faces of Fear" Skin

Available to members, the skin is changeable. Below are the available skins:

  • Hordika Ice (by Crystal Matrix). White and gray with a picture of Nuju Hordika. Basic skin; non-members also see this.
  • Twin Flares (by Swert). Red page, has pictures of Vakama and Tahu.
  • A Light in the Dark (by Crystal Matrix). Black and gray, picture of the Mask of Light.
  • BIONICLE Comics (by Pekel). White and tan, pictures of various characters in the BIONICLE comics.
  • Web of Shadows (by Swert). Green with a picture of a Visorak web. Based on the movie.
  • Wake One... (by Swert). Green with various pictures of Bohrok.
  • Six Faces of Fear (by Swert). Latest skin, white with pictures of the six Piraka.