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"Approaching the fortress of the Dark Hunters on Odina is much like sticking one's face into a nest of fireflyers ... hungry fireflyers ... ANGRY, hungry fireflyers."
Toa Nuva Gali, Toa Nuva Blog

Odina Fortress
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation oh-DEE-nah

The Odina Fortress was the primary structure on the Dark Hunters' island headquarters of Odina.


After the Shadowed One and Ancient successfully displaced the native population of Odina, construction of the fortress of the Dark Hunters began. The fortress was massive, covering most of the southern area of the island, and was heavily protected. The courtyard of the fortress was an arena where the Dark Hunters, and potential candidates, trained and engaged in combat, often to the death. The fortress itself was often guarded by especially powerful Dark Hunters, such as Prototype, Airwatcher, and Minion.

An aerial view of the fortress

Inside, the fortress contained numerous passages, traps, dead ends, and various other rooms and storage areas. There were many prisons, some for prisoners such as Mimic's friend and companion, and others for more specialized purposes, such as Savage's containment cell. The walls, corridors, and rooms of the fortress shifted and changed according to the Shadowed One's thoughts, so that he could herd intruders wherever he wanted.

When Ravager was brought to Odina, he escaped his captors, and nearly destroyed approximately a third of the base. Instead of being punished, he was recruited, and the damage from the incident was repaired.

The fortress was later turned into dust by a timed Stone shockwave set by Toa Nuva Pohatu. The Dark Hunters attempted to rebuild it, but abandoned their efforts when they were forced to relocate to Xia by Teridax's Rahkshi.

Significant Locations

The Shadowed One's Chamber

In a tower at the center of the fortress was the Shadowed One's personal chamber, which contained various items such as his throne, trophies, items of power, and Toa Varian held in a Stasis Tube.


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