Barraki Fortresses

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"Working together, the six of us built a realm here, a first stepping stone towards greater conquests. Then your city, Matoran, came crashing down through the water and obliterated all that we had created. Fate, it seemed, had struck at us again."
Barraki Pridak, City of the Lost

Barraki Fortresses
Status Destroyed
Position Matoran Universe (formerly)
Black Water (formerly)

The Barraki Fortresses were fortified strongholds used by the Barraki warlords as bases of operation during their missions of conquest.


When the Barraki organized their forces into the League of Six Kingdoms, the six warlords constructed fortresses in their territories of the Matoran Universe.[1]

A conference between members of the Brotherhood of Makuta and the League's leaders was held in the tower of one of these fortresses. The League demanded that the Brotherhood's Makuta continue to produce war Rahi for the Barraki to use in their armies. Although Makuta Miserix dismissed their demands, Pridak threatened violent action against Destral if the Brotherhood did not cooperate. After the meeting, Miserix tasked Makuta Teridax with monitoring the activities of the Barraki.[2]

After Teridax's successful military coup against the Barraki, the warlords were sent to the Pit and the fortresses of the Barraki were destroyed and ransacked by survivors of the League's forces. Miserix dispatched squads of Makuta to investigate the ruins for information and salvageable items of interest. Makuta Mutran and Gorast were sent to Kalmah's fortress in the northwestern region of the Matoran Universe. Here, Gorast pursued stragglers, while Mutran perused carvings that Kalmah had made of the mysterious actions of the Blade Burrowers.[3]

Underwater Fortress

When the Great Cataclysm shattered the Pit and allowed the Barraki to escape their confinement into the Black Water, Ehlek built a Barraki fortress on the sea floor of Aqua Magna. It was demolished when the Mahri Nui landmass broke off of the floating island of Voya Nui and and landed directly on top of it, destroying the fortress. As a result, Ehlek developed a murderous grudge against the Matoran of Mahri Nui.[1]


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