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"Matoran of Sonics. Very sensitive to noise, so they train themselves from early on to not make any more than is necessary. On the plus side, their hearing is so acute that they are probably listening to every word we say ... and would be even if we were a kio away."
Jerbraz to Mazeka, Brothers In Arms

Matoran Type
Element Sonics
Preferred regions Quiet regions
Transforms into Toa of Sonics

The De-Matoran[1] are the Matoran of Sonics.

Abilities and Traits

All De-Matoran have inactive Sonics powers which are activated upon becoming Toa. This power manifests itself in the Matoran by granting them a more acute sense of hearing than any other Matoran, being able to hear sounds that are many kio away. As a result, they train themselves to make as few sounds as possible and generally do not welcome Toa, as Toa often bring conflict and battle, which causes excessive noise. When a De-Matoran is transformed into a Toa, they retain their weakness to loud sounds.

The Kanohi and armor color of De-Matoran is unknown.[note 1] De-Matoran are one of the many male Matoran types.

Known De-Matoran


  • Because their sensitive hearing is vulnerable to their own power, Toa of Sonics are incredibly uncommon.[9]


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  1. Though the color scheme of De-Matoran has commonly been assumed to be primarily gray with black accents, based on the model of Krakua and the character of "Grey", this may not necessarily be the case.[2] In 2011, the BIONICLE Story Squad held a poll deciding gray as the primary color and black as the secondary,[3] but the original forum has been lost.