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"My name is Jerbraz, once one of the most handsome and dashing members of my little circle of friends ... that is, back when I could be seen. Now I have to rely on my charm alone to make an impression ... that and this nasty sword that conveniently turned invisible with me. If you see someone's head just suddenly go flying off for no reason, it's not your imagination."
— Jerbraz to Mazeka, Brothers In Arms

Order of Mata Nui
Kanohi None[1]
Powers Mental shielding
Tools Invisible sword
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation JERR-brahz[2]

Jerbraz is an Order of Mata Nui member who was accidentally rendered permanently invisible.


After Jerbraz's inception into the organization, he took part in an experiment the Order used to give members additional powers. However, the experiment went horribly wrong, and Jerbraz became invisible, along with a sword he was carrying.[3]

When the Order produced an atlas of key locations in the Matoran Universe, Jerbraz was one of the three members who provided information and carvings for it, working particularly on the entries for Odina and Xia.[4]

Jerbraz was later sent to the Tren Krom Peninsula to seek out the Ko-Matoran Mazeka, who had seemingly killed Vultraz. As a result of his perceived initiative against evil beings, Mazeka was hired by the Order to stop such beings, and protect potential victims. Jerbraz gave him his first specific mission, to search for and protect Krakua, a De-Matoran.[3]

Jerbraz and Mazeka ventured to the De-Matoran camp on the Tren Krom Peninsula, but shortly after arriving, Vultraz attacked the village. While Mazeka dealt with him, Jerbraz took Krakua to safety.[5] After Vultraz fled upon defeating Mazeka, Jerbraz returned and reassured the Ko-Matoran. Mazeka then asked for a favor in return for his help: to be trained in various combat forms. Jerbraz agreed, and took up the role of mentor to Mazeka.[6]

When Makuta Teridax was killed, the entire universe went into disrepair, forcing Jerbraz and every other surviving inhabitant to escape onto Spherus Magna.[7][8]

Abilities and Traits

Roughly 8.5 feet (2.55 meters) in height,[9] Jerbraz is completely invisible as a result of a failed experiment. He thinks very highly of himself, and once described himself as being considerably handsome prior to turning invisible.[3] As with all Order of Mata Nui members, Jerbraz has his mind shielded against mental assaults.


Jerbraz carries a Protosteel sword that was turned invisible with him.[3][10]



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