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Other Locations
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The BIONICLE storyline depicts many other Locations of minor significance. These range from locations that were briefly mentioned to locations that bore witness to significant events yet have not been discussed in detail. Note that it is possible some of the locations listed below may be describing the same setting.

This page lists locations in the prime reality of minor significance and/or locations in the prime reality about which little is known. For more notable locations in the prime reality, see Locations; for locations in other realities, see Locations/Alternate Locations.

Matoran Universe

All of these lands were rendered uninhabitable by the cataclysmic damage sustained by the Great Spirit Robot during the Battle of Bara Magna.

Airwatcher's Homeland

Airwatcher's homeland; here he killed one of the two Dark Hunters assigned to collect him.[1]

Barraki Fortresses

The Barraki Fortresses were fortified strongholds constructed and used by the Barraki. Many were constructed while the Barraki were still operating as the League of Six Kingdoms. Another was constructed on the floor of Aqua Magna, where it was destroyed by Mahri Nui landing on it.[2]

Kalmah's Fortress

A fortress, from which Kalmah commanded his armies during the reign of the League of Six Kingdoms. It was in the northwestern region of the universe, and was reduced to rubble when the League was defeated. Makuta Mutran was commissioned to send Rahi here, but created them all with limited lifespans. His Blade Burrowers, however, survived with greater longevity and continued to live here after Kalmah's defeat.[3]

Pridak's Fortress

An island fortress of Pridak's, around which the armies of the League of Six Kingdoms gathered as the Barraki prepared to overthrow the Mata Nui. It then became the site for the Barraki's defeat at the hands of Makuta Teridax.[4]

Conjurer's Kingdom

A land distant from Odina populated by Matoran. Conjurer gained power over them using advanced technology he described as "magic"[1] upon moving there from the Shadowed One's homeland.[5][6]

Firedracax's Homeland

Firedracax and other Matoran lived here until it was attacked by the Visorak. The land featured at least one pool of Energized Protodermis.[1]

Gatherer's Homeland

Several Matoran lived here and were once led by Gatherer. Over 7,000 years ago, Gatherer got in the way of a Dark Hunter operation here and was captured and recruited.[1]

Guardian's Island

This island was engulfed in war when Guardian was a resident. Guardian's tribe was betrayed by one of their own not long before Guardian's departure.[1]

Ice-Covered Land

This was an icy region and was the homeland of Kualus who witnessed his land be overrun by Visorak under the leadership of Sidorak and Roodaka.[7][8]

Island Near Artakha

A large island that was once connected to the island of Artakha by a land bridge. Both the island and the land bridge were destroyed by Artakha's inhabitants following the Raid on Artakha.[9]

Island Near Karzahni

A small spit of land that is connected to the island of Karzahni by a land bridge. Along the bridge is located the Tunnel of Darkness, a gate that prevents beings of light from entering, and a large mountain range. The Matoran that would become the Toa Inika emerged here from an underwater chute and traveled along it in an attempt to reach Voya Nui.[10][11]

Island Near Metru Nui

An island within swimming distance of Metru Nui, ruled by a Turaga. Naho once swam here at the beginning of the Toa-Dark Hunter War and asked for assistance for Metru Nui.[12]

Island Near Stelt

An island near Stelt with a Matoran village that was attacked by Vultraz. During the raid, two Matoran were killed and twelve more were injured.[13]

Island Near Xia

This island was destroyed by the Vortixx due to its interference with the routes to Xia. There were no sapient beings living on it, but a number of rare Rahi were wiped out.[9]

The island was located within the same dome as Xia.[14]

Island Sieged by Carapar

A small island on the western age of Carapar's kingdom. The island held out for a long time against Carapar's forces. The warlord ended the siege by offering peace negotiations and presented the residents with poisoned food. Unaware, the residents fell ill within hours, allowing Carapar to easily overcome their island with no resistance.[15]

Island with a Toa of Plasma

A relatively southern island where a Toa of Plasma was captured and interrogated by Zaktan and Avak.[16]

Krahka's Island

The island from which the Krahka species originated. The island was once a peaceful and green place, but was ravaged by the Visorak.[17]

Lesovikk's Island

Lesovikk's homeland and one of the southernmost islands, which was protected by the Toa Cordak. While Lesovikk and his team were away, the Turaga of Lesovikk's village went insane and sent all the resident Matoran - including Sarda, Idris, Dekar, and Defilak - to Karzahni.[18][19][20]

Lurker's Homeland

A "primitive" land where murderers are banished from the island. Lurker originated here and subsequently joined the Dark Hunters.[1]

Makuta Fortress Island

An island far to the west that was the site for a Brotherhood fortress which stored a record of Teridax's Plan.[12][21]

The island on which the Makuta Fortress was situated[22]

Matoran Settlement

An Matoran settlement protected by a squad of Toa that was attacked by Poison.[1]

Mimic's Homeland

The island where Mimic and his species originated. This island was once ravaged by a natural disaster.[1]

Nocturn's Island

A small island that was once the home of Nocturn's species. In a fit of rage, Nocturn struck the island's weak spot, shattering it.[23][24] The island was densly populated, with a population of a few thousand.[25]

Primal's Homeland

The land where Primal and his tribe lived, which was occupied by Visorak. Primal led a small band of survivors against them until he was recruited by the Dark Hunters; the survivors were later killed.[1]

The Shadowed One's Homeland

A once-peaceful land inhabited by the Shadowed One's species, until Ancient started hiring himself out as a mercenary to the highest bidder. This threw the island into civil war, causing it to be a land dominated by warlords. The Shadowed One described it as "a land of shadows and ice, a place that was never 'blessed' by the loving gaze of Mata Nui."[1]

Southern Islands

Botar's Homeland

The homeland of Botar and his successor in the Order of Mata Nui in the eastern chain.[26][27]

The island of Energized Protodermis

Island of Antidermis

An island located close to the Southern Continent. It was originally inhabited by scattered Matoran residents, although these were wiped out by Rahkshi during the Destiny War. In a canyon, under a stone slab with a metal trapdoor, is a cavern with a deep Antidermis pool.[28]

Island of Energized Protodermis

The northernmost island of the eastern chain. It was inhabited by numerous creatures resembling something midway between Rahi and Matoran, as well as short, pale bipeds, with large yellow eyes and spindly arms and legs, presumably created by Energized Protodermis. The island featured a cave leading to a large cavern with a giant lake of Energized Protodermis.[29]

Keetongu and Tahtorak's Homeland

A landmass in the eastern chain that was the homeland of the Tahtorak. It was also the home of Keetongu's race, who used the Tahtorak as mounts.[30] After the Matoran Civil War, Makuta Miserix assigned Makuta Chirox to watch over the region that included this island.[31] Keetongu's species were wiped out when the island was invaded by Visorak, and Keetongu is the only known member of his species still alive.

Keetongu and Tahtorak's Homeland

Spinner's Land

The land where Spinner and his Toa team fought mutated Rahkshi. It featured a very deep pit.[1] It was a place Spinner and his team were visiting, not their homeland.[32]

Toa Fortress

A tower on a barren, windswept rock in Frostelus territory, built near a cliff 3000 Bio above a river.[12]

Tuyet's Homeland

The island where Toa Mangai Tuyet originally resided. The Nui Stone ended up at this location before Tuyet brought it to Metru Nui. At least one Turaga governed this land.[33]

Tyrant's Kingdom

A small island south of Odina. Tyrant conquered this island after leaving the Shadowed One's homeland[6] and ruled it until the Toa-Dark Hunter War.[1]

Wooded Island

A small, wooded island just off the Southern Continent. It was the original rendezvous site for the arming of Brutaka's team, until Makuta Icarax intercepted the mission and killed Botar.[34]

Visorak Fortress

A fortress where Pouks, Kualus, Gaaki, and Bomonga were transferred after their capture at Destral.[35][36] They were later liberated during the Raid on the Visorak Fortress.

Spherus Magna

Location of the Creation of the Toa

A facility where the designs and materials for the first Toa were created, before they were delivered to Artakha for completion and activation.[37] Chiara, Zaria, and Orde would have eventually located this facility.[38]

Location of Mata Nui's Construction

The facility where Mata Nui was constructed. It is not present on Bara Magna, but rather located on the border of Bota Magna, not far from the Great Volcano.[39]

Marendar's Vault

The site where Marendar was kept locked away dormant. It had walls three-feet deep of metallic Protodermis that were smashed open when Marendar awoke.[40][41]

Fortress Island

An island fortress inside the Matoran Universe,[42] which Krakua will one day be the last protector of while it is under a siege.[43][44]


World of Annona's Doom

This planet[45] was created as part of a truce between Annona and the Golden Being after their conflict reached a stalemate. It is likely located in a different star system than the Solis Magna System.[46] The world was imagined by Sahmad, who devised it so that Annona would be unwittingly sent to her doom. It is populated by Annona and a multitude of beings like herself who feed on the dreams of others and drive them mad. As there are no other dreaming beings to consume, this world's inhabitants are expected to go extinct within a year.[47]


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