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Southern Continent

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Southern Continent
MU Southern Continent.png
Status Dismantled
Inhabitants Matoran (formerly)
Population None
Assigned Makuta Unknown
Makuta Mutran (center)
Position South of Northern Continent

The Southern Continent was the larger of the two continents of the Matoran Universe.


Matoran on the continent

The Southern Continent was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe. Here, the Great Beings hid the Kanohi Ignika, so that were it ever needed, it would be close to Karda Nui, situated underneath the Continent, where the mask was to be used.

When Karzahni repaired damaged Matoran, he sent them to the Southern Continent in order to hide his poor repair jobs.

After the Matoran Civil War, several Makuta were assigned to watch over different regions of the Continent. Makuta Mutran was assigned to watch over the center of the Southern Continent, but paid it little attention.

During the Great Disruption, a team of Toa led by Jovan traveled to the center of the continent, the area known as Voya Nui, to retrieve the Kanohi Ignika and used it to heal Mata Nui. Afterwards, the team (minus one who died using the Kanohi Ignika) returned the Mask of Life and Jovan stayed behind as a Turaga to watch over Voya Nui.

During the Great Cataclysm, the Voya Nui region was forced out and rocketed upwards, settling on the aquatic surface of Aqua Magna. A large hole was left in the dome of the Southern Continent, and soon a Giant Waterfall formed, flowing through the continent's dome and into another hole left where Voya Nui once was. This water fell into Karda Nui, located beneath the continent.

Voya Nui slamming back to its original position

The Toa Mahri managed to return Voya Nui to its original location, filling the hole in the center of the continent. The Staff of Artakha was used by the Toa Nuva to repair damages done by the Great Cataclysm, and sealed the hole in the continent's dome.

Later, Mazeka and an alternate Teridax arrived in a valley on the continent, where the alternate Teridax showed his power over Light by absorbing all of it in the area to kill the malicious living grass that surrounded them. They soon came across the deserted Ba-Koro, where Makuta noticed their presence. He soon conjured three shadow Takanuva to fight his alternate self. The alternate Teridax and Mazeka swiftly dispatched the shadow Takanuva, and the alternate Teridax teleported Mazeka to a safer location, avoiding the shockwaves that resulted in the death of the prime universe Teridax.

After Teridax's death and mass evacuation of the Matoran Universe, Southern Continent, along with all other locations, was dismantled.[OGQ: Dec 13 2010, 04:34 PM][1]


The continent was huge, and was positioned in a dome lit with Lightstones. A series of caves ran underneath the surface of the continent and in the roof of Karda Nui, and was home to the Av-Matoran. Some Av-Matoran left to colonize Karda Nui, but later returned to their homeland. Some Av-Matoran were taken from their homeland and scattered during the Time Slip.

There was a lake in the central part of the continent with at least one Matoran-inhabited island. It was there that Vican lived before being transformed into a Shadow Matoran.

The continent featured an uninhabited valley with intelligent grasses, which wrapped themselves around intruders, strangled them, and then pulled them underground.

Voya Nui

Near the center of the Southern Continent was a region known as Voya Nui. After the Great Cataclysm, it was separated from the landmass and became its own island on the surface of Aqua Magna. Through the efforts of the Toa Mahri, it was returned to its original place.


Ba-Koro[2] was a small village, once home to a population of Ba-Matoran, on the continent. The village was besieged by Visorak, and the Matoran disappeared.

Tren Krom River

The Tren Krom River ran through the continent and along the edge of the Voya Nui landmass. It was named after the legendary Tren Krom.

Former Inhabitants


The primary residents of the Southern Continent were Matoran. Many of those Matoran were not native to the Southern Continent, but were shipped there from the realm of Karzahni. These Matoran were "fixed" by Karzahni, making them weaker in stature than the average Matoran. Several fixed Matoran were reverted to their older forms by the Pit Mutagen. After the Battle of Bara Magna, they all migrated to Spherus Magna.

Two Matoran residing on the Southern Continent


There were many species of Rahi that dwelled on the Southern Continent.

Other Beings

There were also other beings that lived on the Southern Continent.


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