Northern Continent

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Northern Continent
Status Dismantled
Inhabitants Matoran (formerly)
Population None
Assigned Makuta Makuta Krika (northern region)
Makuta Gorast (Tren Krom Peninsula)
Position Southwest of Zakaz

The Northern Continent[note 1] was the smaller of the two continents of the Matoran Universe.


The Northern Continent was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe.

The continent was ruled by the League of Six Kingdoms during their reign.[1]

After the Matoran Civil War, Makuta Miserix, leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, assigned several Makuta to oversee regions of the Northern Continent. Makuta Krika was assigned to the northern region of the Continent.[2] Makuta Gorast was given the Tren Krom Peninsula, aptly named after the legendary entity Tren Krom.

At some point in time, the Le-Matoran Nidhiki, a resident of the Tren Krom Peninsula, became a Toa. He later left for Metru Nui to join the Toa Mangai.

During the Dark Time, the continent was invaded by Makuta Icarax and his army of Manas crabs. Icarax managed to conquer several of the settlements before being stopped and defeated by Makuta Teridax. The latter left the continent, and Icarax withdrew his contingent of Manas.

Around five years prior to the invasion of Karda Nui, the Ta-Matoran Vultraz was confronted by the Ko-Matoran Mazeka after several crimes and the murder of Mazeka's mentor. The confrontation was not the first between the two, and that particular confrontation ended in the seeming death of Vultraz. Gorast saw a potential opportunity in Vultraz and rescued the Ta-Matoran. The Ko-Matoran was later contacted by the Order of Mata Nui and recruited into their ranks. Gorast later left her region to join the strike on Karda Nui.

A powerful artifact, the Heart of the Visorak, was kept in the Tren Krom Peninsula of the continent. Toa Nuva Pohatu and Onua, seeking the Heart, traversed across the Northern Continent to the peninsula to retrieve it, as per their list of tasks.

Following the Battle of Bara Magna, the inhabitants of the continent evacuated onto Spherus Magna. Later, Northern Continent, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, was dismantled.[3][4]


The Northern Continent was the largest northernmost land mass in the Matoran Universe. It was located south of Metru Nui, but north of most other landmasses. The continent contained many Matoran settlements. Some of the Northern Continent was ravaged by Icarax's invasion, but those zones were later rebuilt.

Jutting out of the southeast side of the continent was the Tren Krom Peninsula, a hazardous territory. The peninsula featured large cliff faces lined with razor sharp spikes, acid falls, volcanic mountains, and dangerous Rahi. Despite the deadly environment, the peninsula was populated by a number of Matoran settlements, with several different types of Matoran tribes coexisting.

Former Inhabitants


Matoran resided on the Northern Continent. They formerly included Mazeka, Krakua, Nidhiki, and Vultraz, along with a number of other De-Matoran who remained on the continent. At least one Av-Matoran was placed here during the Time Slip.


  • Nui-Rama
  • Various Rahi that tended to Vultraz after he was almost killed by Mazeka


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  1. Although the terms "Northern Continent" and "Southern Continent" are commonly used by fans as proper nouns, the phrases only appears in-story in the lowercase. The only known instance of capitalized "Southern Continent" occurs in the map featured in Makuta's Guide to the Universe, although the same page features a lowercase instance.