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"For Reysa and the other Matoran who lived in the underwater city of Mahri Nui, air was the most valuable commodity imaginable."
— Narrator, City of the Lost

Function Harvesting air
Known locations Spherus Magna
Mahri Nui
the Pit

Airweed is a species of aquatic plant native to the Aqua Magna region of Spherus Magna.


Airweed near Mahri Nui

Airweed originated as a species of plant that inhabited the Great Sea of the planet Spherus Magna. When the Shattering occurred, Aqua Magna became its own celestial body, carrying its population of airweed with it.

When the Mahri Nui landmass tumbled into the sea from the island of Voya Nui, it landed in the Fields of Air, releasing thousands of little bubbles. The Matoran of the sunken village were able to reinforce the bubbles to surround the city's buildings in time to pump the mutagen-filled water out. The Rahi Hydruka were tamed by the Matoran in order to help harvest the bubbles of air so the Matoran could survive.


Airweed naturally produces bubbles of air which can be harvested and used to breathe underwater.


Dekar looking at airweed
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