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"Once, long ago, Nocturn was the mightiest warrior of his civilization. That is, until he lost his temper one day, hit his home island in just the right spot, and shattered it. For his crime, he was exiled to the Pit for eternity. Over the centuries since, he has become many things -- but calmer is not one of them."
— Narrator, Sea of Darkness

Comic Nocturn.jpg
Pit Prisoner
Powers Regeneration
Immunity to Pit Mutagen
Tools Squid Launcher
Swords (both formerly)
Status Revived
Location Red Star
Pronunciation KNOCK-turn[1]
Set number 8935

Nocturn is a powerful, amphibious being once condemned to the Pit for committing an unpardonable offense in the Matoran Universe.


Nocturn lived on a small island with the rest of his species. In a fit of rage, Nocturn struck at a weak point of his former home, destroying it.[2][IC8] He was sentenced to the Pit for this action.[1]

After the Great Cataclysm, Nocturn escaped into the waters along with the rest of the surviving inmates. Nocturn could have left the Pit due to his amphibious nature, but chose not to, as he recognized that his presence was unwanted anywhere else. Some time after his escape, Nocturn encountered Pridak, who severed one of his arms. Nocturn's regenerative ability gave him his arm back, but without its tentacle.[3]

Nocturn was eventually recruited into the the Barraki's armies, falling into Ehlek's contingent, where he eventually rose to become a lieutenant. He also crafted Pridak's Shark Tooth Blades, using his massive strength to fuse more than 10,000 Takea shark teeth together. Nocturn took to residing in the Razor Whale's Teeth, his preferred area.[4]

Takadox speaking to Nocturn

When the Kanohi Ignika fell to the ocean floor, the Barraki set out to find it. Takadox spoke to Nocturn, asking if he knew the whereabouts of the mask. When Nocturn threatened to snap the Barraki in two for doubting his word, Takadox used his hypnotic gaze to win himself a powerful ally in his search, imparting instructions that were to be carried out if the mask should ever fall into Nocturn's hands.[IC7]

Nocturn later spotted one of the Barraki, though the warlord ignored him. In the Black Water, Nocturn noticed that the entrance to the Pit, usually open, was sealed. Enraged at the idea that someone was trying to hide something from him, Nocturn opened a hole in the wall of the Pit, allowing Kalmah and Takadox, trapped inside, to escape. Takadox then tricked him into fighting the Zyglak that were chasing the Barraki. Nocturn fought and defeated the Zyglak, allowing the Barraki to escape.[IC8]

The Barraki, who did not trust each other to keep the Ignika, gave it to Nocturn for safekeeping. They also gave him a Squid Launcher to use. However, Nocturn was not destined to use the mask, and was cursed by it. The Kanohi Ignika cursed Nocturn with the power to cause instant death to any being he touched. At first, he enjoyed his new ability, but soon became annoyed by it, as he was no longer able to cause his targets to suffer. While toying around with the ability, he dropped the mask, which enlarged a small marine Rahi called Gadunka.

Nocturn battling Hydraxon

After growing angry at his power, Nocturn picked up the mask, and set off to ask Ehlek about it. After hours of searching, Nocturn was intercepted by the newly revived jailor, now Hydraxon's replica. They fought, and Nocturn was eventually overwhelmed by Hydraxon's skill. Nocturn surrendered, and Hydraxon came into possession of the Mask of Life.[5] When Mantax and Hahli attacked Hydraxon to prevent him from destroying the mask, Nocturn took the opportunity to escape.[6]

Nocturn regrouped with Ehlek's army, and was present at the assault of the Barraki's armies on Teridax.[6] After defeating the Makuta, Nocturn joined the feverish chase to recover the Ignika. When the Ignika was lost, and the Toa Mahri out of reach, the warlords broke apart, all attempting to evade capture.

Nocturn was eventually caught by Hydraxon, and imprisoned in the newly repaired Pit. He was later killed in an attempt to escape.[7]

As with all deceased beings in the Matoran Universe, Nocturn was revived in the Red Star, but due to the return function of the Red Star not working, he remains trapped there.[8]

Abilities and Traits

Nocturn is easily angered, not very bright, has difficulty with grammar, and acts primarily on instinct.

He possesses great strength, which is amplified when he becomes enraged, and is skilled in many forms of underwater combat. Much of his anatomy is bioluminescent, causing him to give off a glow in areas of limited light. Nocturn's species is amphibious and possesses the ability to regrow lost limbs. They are also naturally immune to the Pit Mutagen.[5]

Nocturn was cursed by the Kanohi Ignika so that every living thing he touched died instantly. Though originally interested in the ability, he grew to dislike it, as it prevented him from enjoying the kill. Upon losing possession of the mask, the curse was lifted and he lost the ability.[5]


Nocturn's weapons included two swords and a Squid Launcher given to him by Pridak. Stats


Set Information

Nocturn as a set

8935 Nocturn debuted in set form in early 2007 as a large, Wal*Mart-exclusive boxed set. In other countries he was sold as a non-exclusive item. It contained 114 pieces.

The Nocturn set features Takadox's armor pieces in the same blend of transparent blue and glow-in-the-dark plastic featured in that set, as well as a head piece from the Carapar set and two of the soft plastic spines from the Ehlek set, both in the aforementioned two-color blend. Because of this, Nocturn features the most glow-in-the-dark elements of any BIONICLE set. His silver tentacle is a recolor of the soft plastic one wielded as a weapon by Kalmah, and is likewise made of a soft, rubbery plastic. The set also includes two yellow-orange Sea Squids and a Squid Launcher. The Nocturn set features the same clip pieces used to store Sea Squids on the armor of the Barraki sets, but nowhere in the instructions is it specified where these clips are meant to be attached on Nocturn's armor. The box art of the Nocturn set depicts the Sea Squids clipped to the side of Nocturn's upper leg.


Nocturn as portrayed in the building instructions

"What do you want here? This is my place! Go away or I rip and tear!"
— Nocturn,

"No one insults me and lives!"
— Nocturn, Sea of Darkness

"Not that lummox. Leave the mask here and he will probably eat it. Why is he in the Pit in the first place?"
"He was exiled from his home island after he broke something."
"What did he break?"
"The island."
Mantax and Takadox, Prisoners of the Pit

"I'm using my arm right now, sorry. But thanks for all the weapons — I'll take them off your body when you're dead again."
— Nocturn to Hydraxon, Prisoners of the Pit


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