Sea Sled

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Sea Sled
Users Lesovikk
Function Transportation
Status In use
Set number 8939

The Sea Sled, formerly known as the Sky Sled[1] is Toa Lesovikk's vehicle, capable of use both underwater and in the air.


Lesovikk on the Sea Sled

Less than 3,500 years ago, Lesovikk acquired the sled from his homeland during his travels of the universe.[2][3] He used the sled to traverse islands, looking for his lost Matoran friends. At some point, he armed the sled with a Cordak Blaster from Xia.[citation needed] Lesovikk traveled to Mahri Nui on the sled, using it to save Sarda and transport him away.

Lesovikk continued to use the Sled for travel and combat; however, he did not take it with him during his hunt for Karzahni on Spherus Magna.


The Sled is able to hover, for efficient travel over the ground.[4] It also has the ability to travel in and function underwater, utilizing twin turbines to power its movement. It also has retractable landing gear, deployed when Lesovikk disembarks the vehicle.

A Cordak Blaster affixed to the Sled assists in its defensive capabilities.

Set Information

Sea Sled Set

The Sea Sled was released in the Walmart-exclusive set 8939 Lesovikk in mid-2007. The set featured two rotating propellers on the bottom as well as three legs which could be switched from an open position to act as landing gear to a closed position against the sled. An axle on either side allowed one to attach the included Lesovikk set to the sled by his hands. The Cordak Blaster held six mini-rockets in its barrel, with another stored above the barrel and two on the sled behind the blaster.



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